Sunday, September 9, 2018

Poetry in My Veins

A new chapter in my life is unfolding, everything is changing. With change there comes an ache spreading through my body, uncertainty moving through me, and I try to catch my breath.

The second half of life is bringing many changes - physically, emotionally, spiritually. Relationships are shifting, moving, changing. Friendships are deepening. A new love is flowing up... down, and hopefully back up again.

Poetry is breathing in my ear, "Come to the page..." as it often does, but particularly when I need words to help me know, really know, me.

So the timing is perfect that OctPoWriMo is coming right around the corner. The words are floating along my veins, begging to be placed on the page.

Photo by MDragonwillow

You can find out more about OctPoWriMo here.

Willow Althea,
a.k.a. Morgan Dragonwillow

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Under the full moon

Mist swirls above the clearing, tall fir trees marking its edge
Yelps echo on the mountain walls, fox or wolf, who knows!
Suddenly, a gust of chilly wind blows across the opening, swishing through the tree tops,
Twisting the clouds into twirls, backlit by the orb of a full moon high in the sky.
Eerily, the white fumes take shape, landing on the wet grass without a sound
Revived, the silhouettes become fuller, denser bodies, their raspy wheezing changes to hushed voices
Illuminating the barren expanse, they quickly build a monumental fire, whispering magic as they do
Owls float silently around their unusual presence, critters disappear into the nearby forest
Under the full moon, they dance, happy to be whole again, together on this Earth
Spirits of our ancestors, here to reminisce every Halloween.
Today is OctPoWriMo's last day! 
We were given options for the prompt, including writing an acrostic poem. 
I chose that option, even though my poem turned into a sort of story...
I had fun this month. Thank you for reading and I'll try and continue writing poetry when the mood strikes. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Forbidden City

I had an idea of where I could go with this but I couldn't publish my post on this site (Morgan agreed to let me share my poetry here so I could get some feedback from the other poets taking part in the challenge)...
So I'll take a different route for now. 
Seen from the temples atop the nearby hills,
Yellow roofs in a misty sea of winter chills
Lost amid the hustle of modernity
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Mao looks over the throng of people who wait
But time stands still once you pass through the ornate gate
Enthralled by the craft of forgotten dynasties
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Ten small statues stand watch on the roof's sloping eaves
To protect the Emperor from cheats and thieves
A thousand buildings for court and family
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Long ago the seat of imperial power
Now a place where tourists can leisurely wander
Though it's also used by the military
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

As I sit here

As I sit here, I think of you;
While the world may spin around me,
I know I have the strength to push through
The sky is dark and I feel blue
But birds are singing in the oak tree
As I sit here, I think of you
I see your smile, slightly askew,
In my mind's eye, you're all I see;
I know I have the strength to push through
When my nightmares seem to come true,
While memories wash over me,
As I sit here, I think of you
Quiet patience radiates from you
Supportive, unconditionally;
I know I have the strength to push through
Life's not just what I've been used to
Your presence keeps reminding me
I know I have the strength to push through
As I sit here, I think of you.
Today's prompt came late, but I didn't have much to do. Rest and write. Which is important, as it helps me heal, one word at a time.
The prompt was breathtaking and the challenge was to try a Villanelle.
I sort of let go of the breathtaking bit, though he certainly takes my breath away on a very regular basis, but it's not what I chose to focus on today. Instead, I tried to take up the challenge and write a poem that worked with the form that was suggested.
I feel I've succeeded. I hope you agree.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

I belong

I belong in the forest
I belong in the trees
Feeling their rough bark
Against my hands and knees
Brings me comfort
As energy flows through me.
I belong in the forest
I belong in nature
Under cover of the canopy
Humidity makes me shiver
Putrefied scent of fallen leaves
Soil composted from rotting timber
I belong in nature
I belong in the fields
Dark, rich earth just upturned
Across the many wealds
Ground smokes under the sun's hot gaze
Prepared for next year's yield.
I belong in nature
I belong in the braes
With hedges glowing like jewels
Under the warm sunrays.
Tangled branches glide by as I drive
Gold, reds and browns pave the way
I belong in the braes
I belong in the mountains
Mighty ridges towering
Remind us daily how we, humans
are no more than lowly creatures
Scuttling frantically around in vain.
I belong in the forest, I belong in the trees,
I belong in nature, I belong in the braes,
I belong in the fields, I belong in the mountains;
I belong on this Earth
One tiny element
Of something much bigger
Than me.


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