Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Discover - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I am the queen of saying, "Everything is going to be alright, everything is as it should be, don't worry things will work out." but the state of our country has me worried. I try not to focus on it. I try to think possitive but things are looking worse and worse by the day.

I was reading through blogs and I hit on The Big Question at The Pocket Guru. He was talking about happiness which led to the famous quote, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

With all of the recent events of OWS (Occupy Wallstreet) and watching the police hurting the protesters, seeing people arrested for no apparent reason, and now they have passed this horrible violation of our rights as Americans that the military can detain you indefinitely and not even give you your day in court. I am appalled.

I Googled Liberty and found this definition,


  1. The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life.
  2. An instance of this; a right or privilege, esp. a statutory one.

The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life... I don't know about you but it seems there is a whole lot of oppressing going on in our country.

I then looked up the Declaration of Independence and I dare say the government needs to look this up and read it again.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
Hmmm... sounds pretty plain to me.

Most of the time people focus on the "pursuit of happiness" and some individuals throw back at us that yes you can pursue it but no guarantees of happiness. It is all well and good but it is kind of hard to pursue happiness if your liberty is being taken away.

I usually stay out of political discussions and I think there are people in the political arena that encourage people like me to do just that.  They make it sound complicated and give people long explanations that don't seem to explain anything and make you feel stupid for even wanting to try and figure it out.

If you haven't read the Declaration of Independence recently if ever, I highly recommend that you do. Our country was founded on this document and it seems to me our liberties don't even exist anymore let alone the pursuit of happiness.

It is past time for you to wake up and smell the s**t that has not only hit the fan but has scattered all over everything.

Feel free to leave your comment, good, bad or indifferent.

Morgan Dragonwillow 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photo of the Year - My Family

I couldn't decide on one photo so I made a collage, adding a little art for fun, and voila! My family in pictures.

Loving family of my heart.

Morgan Dragonwillow 

Gratitude Photo Journal

I was inspired by a fellow blogger who is doing 30 days of gratitude through pictures.  At the beginning of this year, when the weather was cool but nice, Christie and I spent a lot of time at the lake. We would bring our favorite oracle cards, the InnerSpeak book, journals and any other books or cards that called to us to bring that beautiful day. 

I have much gratitude for our days at the lake.

We then would stop off at the neighborhood Subway, getting our favorite sandwiches, and head out. Luckily the lake is only about 15 minutes from our home.

We would then spend several hours relaxing, reading, journaling, doing energy work for ourselves and each other. Much wonderful insight came through for each of us on those special days.

What special thing did you do for yourself this past year that you are grateful for?

How did you make time stand still if only for a moment?

Was there someone special in your life that you made time for in a unique way?

I would love to hear what brought special insight to your year.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. Here is the blog where I was inspired. Life Refocused

Friday, December 9, 2011

Forgiveness - I Forgive You and Me

This is from one of the prompts but I don't know which one. It came out a couple of days ago and I pretty much ignored it. Then today I went through looking at some of the prompts and saw this one. Forgiveness... Ahhh yes, I remember now. I created my first video early this year. It was kind of the beginning to this conscious shadow journey I have been taking this year.

This video was an attempt to forgive my mother. It is very... intense. I don't recommend having children that can read near the screen while watching it. Please remember this was my first video but I did go in and do a little bit of editing to shorten it before displaying it here.

I Forgive You Mama

This has been a long hard journey. It is what it is. I know that I still have work to do but this was a giant leap for me.

I would love to hear your take on forgiveness, how you have handled forgiveness, and what you have done to forgive yourself and others this past year.

Morgan Dragonwillow

Changing My Life With Music - Relish11.9

I found myself turning to music to calm my soul time and again this past year. Music has always been a sanctuary for me. I remember being asked one Christmas, when I was in high school, whether I wanted a small T.V. or a Stereo for my room.  I immediately said Stereo. I love music and it can change my mood like nothing else can. This year I really set the intention to changing my life with music.

There a many ways that you can listen to music now more than ever before in history. No longer are you restricted to what is being played on the radio or what records/tapes/cds you can afford to buy. Now you can hop online, peruse iTunes, Youtube, or Rhapsody. You can put music on your iphones, ipods, computers, and you can listen to music no matter where we are. It is easier now to find music that you truly resonate with and can help to change your mood as well.

I discovered this song when I was putting together the music for my workshop, "Sacred Awakenings." I had a wonderful time going through all different kinds of music and what is funny, I didn't even know at the time that it was sung by Bob Marley. The version I found and used for the workshop was by Elizabeth Mitchell. This version is by Connie Talbot - Three Little Birds.  I love playing this song and dancing around the living room with my granddaughter.

This is for the Writing Prompt from Relish11.9  The words that best describe your year in a word or phrase from a quote, poem or song. For me the words - Don't worry, about a thing, cause everything is gonna be alright - from the song epitomizes my year. With all the chaos going on in the world, when ever I felt anxiety, this phrase or something similar rang in my head. I remind myself in this moment that everything really is okay, that in this moment I have everything I need and I am alright.

I really believe this above everything else has helped me keep my sanity and realize it doesn't matter what changes are happening around me. I listen to my music and allow the changing times to flow around me as I do my best to radiate love.

What phrase of words or song soothes your soul? 

Do you have something you routinely do when you are feeling anxiety?

How can you change your life with music?

Do you have a song or songs that have made a difference for you?

Leave a comment and let me know what has changed your life this past year.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. If you would like to increase your self love please receive this FREE Download "From Self Sabotage to Self Love" from my heart to yours.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mercury Retrograde - Changing the Way You Think

I found so many comments on Twitter today of people complaining about Mercury Retrograde.  It is frustrating for me that so many people don't realize what an opportunity Mercury Retrograde really is. That if you get back in synch with the energies around you and use them to your advantage, life would be much smoother.

I believe the whole purpose of Retrogrades and Shadow aspects of the Planets is to help you get back on track.

Every mishap during a Retrograde is to help wake you up. It is basically saying, "Hello, remember you came here for a reason and you have fallen off the path to your purpose." 

Every mishap is an opportunity for you to ask yourself some questions about your place within yourself and the world. 

Are you being honest with yourself?

Are you speaking your inner truth?

What needs to be cleared from your past relationships for you to be fully present?

How can you let go of blame and empower yourself with love.

In what ways can you take better care of yourself and your environment that would fill you with self love?

The world needs your authentic self, fully present, wide awake and living your life purpose. What questions do you need to ask yourself to get back on track?

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. For more info on how to work with Mercury Retrograde "Guide to Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" You can Download this for free today.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change Your Life - Journeying with Shadow

*Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

Everyday is a journey into Shadow for me.
It has become habit for me to stop and ask myself:
  • What am I feeling now?
  • What is it that I need to delve into today?

  • What is it that I need to do in this moment?
  • What am I not seeing that I need to?
  • What creation is pushing through to be birthed?
  • What old thoughts need to be recognized, forgiven, loved, and integrated?
  • What powerful healing needs to happen today in this moment?
  • What Blessings am I not seeing through the Shadows obscuring them?
You may use any of these questions to journal with and help you look at your Shadow. Enjoy your exploring and experiences.

That is what we are here for, experiencing in all aspects. If you are not trying new experiences, (from one a month to one a week) then you are probably walking in a fog, feeling numb and just trying to get through each day never really seeing anything.

I hope you decide to open your eyes, to experience all that you can experience. If we are not feeling, we are not living.

May Love find the darkest places within you, bringing them to light, allowing for deep healing and transformation.

Morgan Dragonwillow 

Mercury Retrograde - Old Relationships Popping Up

*Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

Yesterday I found myself thinking about a relationship from over fifteen years ago a couple of times. Good ol' Mercury Retrograde gently reminded me that I have healing and clearing that needs to be done around this relationship

Last night I had my dad's ex-wife and my dad show up in my dreams. Okay Mercury Retrograde I hear you. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I need to clear and heal these past relationships

I looked at where my shadow planets are right now to see what I can journal about and my only Shadow energies going on at this time is Saturn square my Sun. Which means my journal questions are, "What isn't working in my life? What do I need to take a deeper look at regarding what isn't working with how I nourish my Soul?

I am going to the lake today, which definitely is good for my soul, and I will be journaling around the above as well as doing clearings for myself.

What is Mercury Retrograde reminding you to take a look at? What unfinished business or relationships need to be cleared and healed?

Morgan Dragonwillow 

P.S. For more info working with Mercury Retrograde "Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" Download this FREE offering.

Who is Mud Woman

*Preciously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

She is the Earthy Wild Woman

She is who we are without language

She is that part of us that eats food with our hands and plays in the dirt

She is total and complete feeling

She is Wild and untamable

She doesn't know how to be anything but who she is

She is the essence of our most basic selves

She is the primal sounds that come from deep within

She is the moist earth from which wonderful creations grow

She is the wild and creative juiciness that lives within each of us

She is Primal Mud Woman

Empowered Shadow Walking

*Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

Learning to walk and dance with Shadow is quite a journey especially when I seem to have contracted, for this life anyway, to get to know Shadow very well. I feel amazingly more grounded, empowered and vastly more creative.

Sometimes I have to ask if my soul really knew what it was getting into, but then I remember everything is in Divine order.

I have really been shown how different I can feel when I don't fight with Shadow and I align myself with the dance. It really is amazing when you surrender to the process, to your higher self and to the Divine.

I have always felt the need to control so much of my situations and would get quite agitated when things didn't go the way I planned or my way. Still slip into that on occasion but I am really working with organic timing and not having to be in control anymore. Control was only an illusion anyway.

If you would like to understand your Shadow and see how much it could benefit you to uncover, discover and integrate, contact me and we will explore together "The Light the Dark No Difference." It is a journey worth taking.

May you have many loving, magical moments of mystery, sacred adventures and miracles
Morgan Dragonwillow 

Mercury Retrograde - Don't Let it Trip You Up

I realized that a few of my Shadow/Mercury Retrograde posts were on Dragonwillow Journeys, before I created this blog specifically for these topics, and I am reposting them here to be easy to find.

Mercury Retrograde

This is coming up very soon (we are actually in it now) and many people only see this as a time of trouble. They are unable to see the opportunity it presents. It is a time to renew, reaffirm, re-energize, reanalyze and those are only a few of the possibilities. It actually can be a very empowering and creative time to explore shadow.

If you are on a transformational path this is a wonderful time to explore what is going on in your life and reassess the direction your healing journey is taking.

A time to rediscover and reevaluate. Does the direction still feel good to you?

Reclaim your inner power by creating a living ceremony.

Recheck your writing, your plans, your car, and remember that this is a time to reemphasize that complications and break downs happen when we aren't paying attention to our needs and the needs of the equipment that we use.
Reaffirm your commitments to yourself and others.

Reorganize and resupply at home and at work. Do you see how much fun this time can be if used wisely; staying conscious in the moment instead of sleep walking into a wall?
May you have many happy adventures during this Mercury Retrograde.

Morgan Dragonwillow 

P.S. If you would like more ideas on working with Mercury Retrograde check out "Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" Download this FREE offering.

Mercury Retrograde - Reduce Reuse Recycle

*Previously Posted in Dragonwillow Journeys

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, we hear these words fairly frequently. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to take a look around and get creative as to how you can implement this further. There is much we can do to help Mother/Sister Earth. Being responsible for our environment can inspire others to do the same. Taking action that helps our community can be truly empowering.


First, the most important step is to have a system, an organized area for the recyclables to be stored until you can either put them at the curb for recycling or take them to a recycling center. You don't want to add more chaos to your life by having them thrown here and there. It is best if it is in an area that is close to the kitchen or even in a lower cupboard or in the pantry. There should be one for paper/cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans and glass.

If you don't already receive curbside recycling you can call your county, find out if it is available, what they take and what they don't take.

It is handy to have a weekly schedule for a drop off otherwise your home begins to resemble a recycling center.


I started saving the glass jars from the market to store left overs in. All this plastic is so bad for our health. You can even use them to freeze in, just make sure you don't fill the jar too full because it will break. I also use them to drink out of a glass is a glass after all.

Coffee cans can be reused for storing all types of gadgets. You can even decorate the outside of the can to make it look attractive. If you decide to put your large utensils in one, make sure you put the lid on the bottom of the can to prevent rust on the counter.

When you are feeling the urge to buy something, take a look and see if it is something that you can get used. You will save your pocket book and be giving it a good home instead of it ending in the junk yard.

Go through your house and look at what you are ready to let go of. Recycle clothes that you no longer wear to the thrift store or donate them to a women's shelter. I love that we have an animal shelter thrift store just down the street from us. I often take used items that I nolonger need and drop them off. I feel good that someone else will be able to use it and that the money will help the animals.


When you are in the store and feel an urge to make a purchase, ask yourself if you really need it, really want it or if you can really live without it. We often make purchases because something or someone has told us we need it. But do you really? How much stuff do you really need? Is it ever enough? Are you just cluttering the outside of your life so that you can't see the inside? Having too much around can actually stifle your creativity.

The next time you are about to throw something away, ask yourself, is this something that can be recycled or reused in some way? Make the time to put it in the best place possible.

Much love to you on your journey.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. For more tips on how to work with Mercury Retrograde you can download this free offering "Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding Happiness - Gratitude #Relish11

One of my biggest lessons this year is finding happiness with less.  This has been a year of minimizing and for some it's a difficult transition. How to live a happier life is a goal that I find to be upper most in peoples lives.

What I have found to be true for me is that gratitude plays a huge role in my learning to be happy.

Gratitude for the little things

I have never felt that I needed a lot to make me happy but I can get as caught up as the next person with thinking I have to have this or that. Wow... I even just realized that I can go on binge buying. Now for me that would be at a second hand store, Dollar Store, or grocery shopping but I can see how it was still binge buying.

This is something I am going to have to look into further at a later date because I want to stay on track.

Discovering that I am happy

What has happened for me, this past year, is that I have noticed how much more gratitude I have in my life.  How much more appreciation for what I have has brought more happy moments to my present.

Noticing the moments that I feel content and in that noticing I feel happy.

The more grateful I become about what I already have, and I have so much, the more I realize how happy I really am.

My tips on how to be happy

1. I think about what I have to be grateful for.
2. I ask myself if there is anything I need in this moment (most times I don't need anything at all).
3. If I find I am reaching for something that will numb myself out I ask what action do I need to be doing.
4. I Smile - when I smile I feel happy.
5. I play my favorite music and dance around my living room - that makes me very happy.
6. Creating of any kind makes me happy whether it is drawing, crocheting, writing, painting, or making jewelry. I am so very grateful for all of my creating abilities and that spreads joy and happiness throughout my being.
7. Spending time with people I love.
8. Ahhh cooking... creating in the kitchen is an indescribable happiness for me. From the chopping to the aromas to watching my family enjoying the food, makes me very happy.

Learning to be happy

It isn't always about how to find happiness as much as it is about becoming a happier person by seeing all that you have, doing what you love and staying in the present.

I am so grateful for all the happy moments I have had this past year.

May you find your Gratitude and Feel Great Joy and Happiness

Morgan Dragonwillow

Monday, December 5, 2011

This Little Light of Mine - Theme Song

This is definitely my theme song. This Little Light of Mine by Yo Yo Ma is fantastic. I chose this song to dance to for my solo performance at
the end of the Awakening The Sacred Sexual Feminine weeklong of much healing with Anyaa McAndrew.

It was the most healing experience of my life to date.

The first time I heard this song I was in Starbucks at Christmas time. I immediately went up and asked who this song was by and went home to pull it up and purchase it.

I love dancing to this song. It is extremely empowering. I highly recommend you try it.

Peace and Healing,
Morgan Dragonwillow

Love and Family - A Moment Captured

I have many pictures in my head over this past year that weren't captured on film. Many of the pictures in my head remind me of love and family. 

Olivia (my granddaughter) raising her arms to be comforted after falling down.

Olivia taking Christie (my partner) by the hand and leading her to Olivia's slide to catch her. Olivia loves standing at the top of the slide and freefall for us to catch her. Talk about trust.

Elizabeth (my daughter) and Olivia cuddling on the couch.

Olivia kissing our dog, Gabby, on top of her head.

Olivia playing horsie on Christie's legs.

Rocking Olivia to sleep and knowing there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be.

Many moments of love and family captured in my heart.

Morgan Dragonwillow

Love and Art - Claiming My Superpowers

When I first read what Resound11 was for day 4 I blanched. I thought I don't have a superpower. My partner promptly told me it was my art. I began drawing
the piece for this post and a song "Gifts of the Goddess" came on my Media player. Yes, I do have superpowers that Mother Father God Creator of All Life have bestowed upon me. It is Love and art which I weave together creatively on a daily basis.

Why is it that we are so hesitant to claim our strengths?

Peace and Healing,
Morgan Dragonwillow

Healing Fear - Relish11

Growing up I often let fear stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I worried about what people would think, what would happen to me, how would I survive. I grew to understand that healing fear  was paramount to leading an authentic and successful life. It is still something I wrestle with.

At the beginning of this year (soon after my updated Shamanic Astrology reading) I discovered that my Moon, Sun and Mercury were all going to be squared to Saturn From January of this year until the year 2013. My first thought was, "Great, I am not leaving my room for the next couple of years." I was already having trouble with depression and my fear grew that this was going to be a very difficult time. Healing my fears around this became imperative.

Saturn's shadow aspect is discovering what is and is not working in your life. Oh boy, I had a lot of things that weren't working in my life. Relationships, life Purpose, home environment. I decided I could let this drag me down and feel overwhelmed and fearful or I could do something.

The first thing that came to mind was staying in the present to prevent the fear and overwhelm from taking over. I told myself to focus on the present moment and what I could do right now. I began organizing my house.

I trance danced in my living room as a moving meditation to gain insight for my writing.

I began seriously looking at my relationships.

Each time I went into a fearful place I would take a long deep breath and ask, "What can I do right now in this moment?" And whatever popped in my head I would take action on. That is when I began working on this blogsite. 

The more I listened to my inner guidance the more energy I had, the more creative I became, and the more positive I felt about the future.

Sometimes it isn't easy to stay on track. Sometimes I begin to lose my way again and find myself slipping back into sleep walking through my life. Sometimes I use TV and food to numb myself out. But then I remind myself that isn't what I want. I want to live an authentic life living my life's purpose.

Fear can be a killer of dreams if you don't have a system to use when fears pop up. I know that I have let it stop me from creating all that is meant to be created through me. I keep pushing through though and refuse to let it paralize me completely. Learning to let go of fear is important to staying present to accomplish my dreams.

I remind myself that Mother Father God Creator of All Life doesn't make mistakes, that I am perfect in my imperfection.

What fears are you letting stop you from living your life's purpose? What do you do to clear issues as they come up for you? How do you move back into a balanced state of being?

Peace and Healing,
Morgan Dragonwillow

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spreading Love - Time Invested Relish11

When I first looked at the #Relish11 Prompt 03 my first thought was, "At home spending time with my granddaughter." The second time I read it it was after reading many of yesterdays posts and replying to those that had RT me on Twitter. It reminded me of how much time I spend Spreading Love.

There is so much going on in the world right now that many are focusing on the negatives of life. I refuse to do that. I am not perfect and definitely am not looking through rose colored glasses but I Choose to focus on love and how I can love myself and others into a better present.

I still try to keep up to date on what is going on in the world but I do it in small increments and when I feel myself getting angry about something that is going on I stop and ask myself what is the best thing I can do right now for whatever this is.

Even if I can't physically go out and participate at the moment I pass the info along and/or send loving words out that might make someone smile.

I purposely take the time to comment and like what is interesting on Facebook hoping that it will brighten someones day.

I look for Quotes that inspire; love, creativity, and positive actions.

I Create art that hopefully inspires creativity in others and encourages them to spread love in there communities.

Physically I am home, spending time loving my granddaughter but I am also doing all that I am capable of doing to help spread love over this wave we call the Internet.

If not Love, then why are we here? I believe it is all there is and if you don't love yourself... stop what you are doing and make loving yourself a priority in your life. You will see that the result will be a more loving present for all.

What choices do you make that show you that you love yourself? How do you encourage love in your environment? What can you do to begin Spreading Love on a regular basis?

Morgan Dragonwillow

Friday, December 2, 2011

Vices - Resound11 Prompt 02

Hmmmm.... In my world vices are shadow aspects manifesting themselves in physical form. I would have to say my vice is food.  I have noticed this year that I have been reaching for my comfort foods more and more and yes my weight has increased because of it.  Luckily I am tall and it isn't completely out of control, yet.

My favorite of course is dark chocolate, next would be pasta, ice cream, nuts, wasabi peas (oh soooo good), my cooking, soups, bread, juice, fruit, vegies, okay so I love food.

Other vices/shadow aspects would be a bit of an obsession with Facebook. Love when I post something that gets noticed, but then who doesn't.

I actually have a bit of an obsessive personality, I can be like a dog with a bone when I am working on a project.

I know that I have lots of shadow running through my life but not all of them are technically vices.

I guess that about sums it up.  I have never liked drugs (always thought I would be the one to have my heart just up and stop, plus I really like to be in control and I value my brain), never been much of a drinker (I had stomach issues as a child and when I saw my friends drinking and puking I thought heck no, no way), I love sex as much as the next person but it hasn't ever been something that I medicated myself with.  So yeah, that is it for me.

What have you had trouble with this year?

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. I have been doing a lot of writing and I did something different today that I want to share. I am going to call it musical writing. I threw in a huge mix of music in my media player, shuffled them and began to listen as I wrote.  I then thought how I wasn't getting much exercise because of all the writing. I decided when a fast song came on that was making me move a little to it, to stand up and dance, move and shake for the whole song. I then sat back down and continued writing. So instead of Musical Chairs, you have Musical Writing. :D Let me know if you try it and how it works for you.

Abundance is My Word For 2011-Resound11 Prompt 01

I would have to sum up this year with the word abundance. I have felt so much abundance in my creativity, my home, and my family. I have found an abundance in wonderful finds at the second had store. I have had an abundance in color in my life, beautiful days, hugs from my granddaughter, good health, another grandbaby on the way.

When I have felt in need of just about anything this year, creating abundance has flowed through my life. Yes I am most grateful for attracting abundance that has given me all that I need and more.

Morgan Dragonwillow

Life as Art - Relish11.2

Creativity is one of my favorite subjects. Thinking of Life as Art brings to mind the intentionality of my life and sometimes the lack of it.  For me this past year has been about choice, choosing how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and most of all what I choose to create. Creating art in all forms is very important to me. Creating a life as art has my mind wondering what potential for living intentionally have I missed.

It is amazingly easy to slip back into sleep walking then suddenly waking and wondering where the time went. As I look back over the last eleven months, it has me wondering how much was intentional and how much was sleep walking.

Now, I am trying to stay as non-judgemental as possible toward myself. It won't do me or anyone else any good to beat myself up. I am looking at it as an observer would for purposes of a discovery journey.

Life as art...

I have definitely been more creative in the last eleven months than in any other year but how much have I been awake? Well I know that when I am creating I am definitely living in the moment.

Introspection without judgement can be difficult, it certainly seems to be for me.  It is like trying to clean a wound without causing pain, you can minimize the damage but you can't escape the discomfort.

I have painted my life with more color, in what I wear, within my home, and in my art. I have created vibrantly bold art but I am left wondering what have I done within my life that is truly bold.

Ahhh yes... This website and sharing all of my creations, encouraging others to create for their own healing, speaking out on what I feel strongly about, learning to love myself more as I emanate that love out into my community. I am far from perfect, far from living a fully intentional life as art, but I can see how it is all coming together. I can see how I can improve and take more actions to live a bold and juicy life filled with love and compassion.

Life as art... I am enjoying all the possibilities of painting my own landscape that is my life.

What in your life can you shed light upon, wake up to, and live more intentionally? How much more would you enjoy every moment if you created your life as art?

Morgan Dragonwillow

Digging in the Shadows to Find the Gold

Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys.

I am mining in the darkness to uncover/discover the gold within the shadow today. Some may say, "What the heck does that mean?" well it means I am looking at what isn't said, what people hold back, what has been suppressed. I am working with Shadow to discover what I have suppressed good, bad or indifferent.  It is really dancing with Shadow. Moving in and out, sometimes baby steps and sometimes giant leaps.

My voice was suppressed as a child. Somewhere along the way I regained it but as a child I was afraid to speak. I was afraid of many things; getting in trouble, looking stupid, what was in the dark, what was under my bed, what may peer back at me through my window at night, the kids at school, and I was afraid I would always be sad.

Here I am 35 to 40 years later asking where is the gold within those experiences? Where is the gold in the sadness? Where is the gold of being afraid? Or where is the gold that was suppressed because I was afraid?

It is in the music I play with my native flute. It is in my drawings that are becoming more wild and bold. It is in my writing that will not be suppressed. It is in my voice for I will never be silent again. It is the juiciness that I discover every single day that I am willing to look into those dark places to see what I have forgotten that I used to love, that I used to be good at, that I used to dream of. It is the creativity of a life well lived with authentic purpose.

Delve deep. Discover/uncover for yourself what is waiting in the shadows. It isn't all darkness. There is gold to be found. There is your authentic soul to be remembered.
Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. Please except my Free offering of "Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" Download this Gift from my heart today.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love to Write - Relish11

I truly love to write, though I can procrastinate to no end, that is one reason I am glad I have signed up for a wonderful challenge Relish11. Every day for the next 30 days she (Rebecca Murphy) will be posting prompts for Blog Writer's that have signed up for this challenge.
If you want to know more I highly recommend you work your way over to her website Relish Life.

Today's prompt, to remember a day from the past eleven months. Hmmmm... It has been an interesting year and when I think of it my mind wanders to January. Up until then I had the wrong date for my Astrology chart.

Now for most people that wouldn't be a problem but I had delved deeply into my astrology to learn all that I could about myself and my life purpose.

It was off by less than an hour. It changed quite a bit. Everything I thought I knew about myself wasn't quite right.

In January I had my correct chart read by Anyaa McAndrew with Shamanic Astrology. Anyone who really knows me knows I love Shamanic Astrology because it tells you where you are coming from, where you are going, and what you need to do to get there.

Wow, as I listened to Anyaa, so many things began to fall into place. Pluto is square every angle of my chart. Ahhh yes, I am sooo familiar with the underworld which Pluto represents. Shadow plays over my chart beckoning me to look at everything deeper, and deeper still.

Chills run up and down my spine as I listen further. I strongly believe that we make a contract before we come into this life and my chart shows that I set up quite a difficult path for myself. Not impossible just difficult.

My heart races as I realize how I can make shadow my friend, that the underworld is an important place and doesn't have to be the enemy or a place to dread.

The possibilities begin to form in my mind, how I can dance with shadow to help myself and others. As I hung up the phone with Anyaa, I knew my road was still long but I could see the light.

Morgan Dragonwillow

Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Yourself From the Inside Out

What would happen if just for today you loved yourself completely? What if first thing in the morning, you smiled to yourself and said, "I love you." and you took it even further by telling yourself every minute (or at least every time you think of it, possibly wearing a special piece of jewelry as a reminder) I love you.

How would that change your day?  What possibilites might open up for you because you are absolutely radiating a deeper inner love for yourself? What kind of mood might you be in that would have others smiling?

What choices would you make because you love yourself? How would you see the world around you? How would you feel? Could you even begin to remove the smile from your face?

When you love yourself from the inside out, you can't help but share that love with others which in turn improves the days for yourself and all the lives that you touch.

Choose to love yourself today and watch the miracles happen.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. I would love to hear how your day progressed and what inventive ways you reminded yourself of the deep love you have for yourself.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love and Compassion Starts Inside

Yesterday I discovered a wonderful blog, Single Dad Laughing, from a post in FB and read his incredible post, I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay. This man has a tremendous understanding of love and compassion that I have only seen in a few men in my time, unfortunately. My hope is there are really a lot more out there I just haven't seen them.

He speaks of what it truly means to be loving and accepting of people that are different than we are, of loving people because they deserve it just by existing, no matter what they look like, what they believe, how they dress, what decisions they have made etc. He put it into words that, if you don't get it, I hope you read it again, and again until you do.

Dan, the author of Single Dad Laughing, makes me wish he had been my dad, never mind that I am now a grandmother and obviously older than he is. I went exploring on his site and discovered he has written several books one of which is called Real Dad Rules that I plan on purchasing and reading. I haven't met Dan and I am sure he isn't perfect but how refreshing to hear his perspective on parenting and the things he finds most important for himself and his son, which you can read a lot about on his blog.

As for the original blog post that pulled me to his site, I believe that when people make fun of others, put them down and do mean and hateful things, it is because they lack love and compassion for themselves. They have to tear others down to try and make themselves feel better. After all they can tell themselves at least they are better than that gay, ugly, fat, short, pagan, messy, cheap, bleeding heart, disorganized, you get the idea.

I have to admit, I am guilty of judging others, most people have.  I once wore a rubber band around my wrist, for several weeks (I had intended to wear it for one day), to lightly snap every time I had a negative thought toward another person and as a reminder to think loving thoughts toward others. I discovered just how many judgements I had and how hard it was to stop.

I was made fun of as a child and was under the misconception that I would never hurt anyone like that. That I would never judge someone because they dressed differently, thought differently, spoke differently, looked differently but I hadn't truly let go of all of the hurts from the past. I held onto them like badges of courage and it prevented me from living in the moment, compassionately, lovingly toward myself and others. As I am far from perfect I am still working on letting all of them go. I think it may be time to revisit the rubber band to see how much I have healed and let go of.  I would like to hope that I have let go of a lot.

I hope you decide to take the time to look at your insides, the injuries that you have left unforgiven, the past hurts that you have let jade your thinking that has allowed you to make excuses for your behavior. Ask what needs to be let go of to empower your life so that you can truly love yourself again. It is possible to live an authentic life filled with love. May you stop judging yourself and allow love to flow through your very being.

Do something loving for yourself today. You deserve it.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. I would love to hear your healing story on how you transformed or are transforming your judgements.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forgive Yourself and Others Through A Sacred Living Ceremony

Just about everywhere you look you will find someone talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be very empowering and speed you on your path to authenticity. If you are in a place of thinking that it is easier said than done, here are steps that can help you achieve success in forgiving yourself and others.

Write down everything that triggers you and the person or persons it is associated with. This can be anything from your childhood to the present.

Write down any obsessive thoughts that replay in your mind again and again. Obsessive thoughts can prevent you from having the energy that you need for your daily activities. Let alone the wonderful creative projects just waiting for your attention.

Pick one of any of the above; it can be one that is less triggering, or you can decide to pick the hardest one to get it over with.

Connect with your higher power and say a little prayer asking for help with this situation and the person or persons involved.

Write down every single thing that bothers you, everything that you can remember of the situation down to the last detail. Do not censor yourself in any way. You want to get it all down, every last little bit, so that you do not have to go there again. It doesn't matter how it sounds because no one else will be reading it.

When you feel that you have said all that you need to say, burn the paper in a fireplace or outside in a contained area. As the smoke rises allow all the feelings that you have for the situation and the people involved to rise up with the smoke; really let it go, giving it all over to your higher power. Truly feel it moving out of your body while breathing deeply. Of course not of the smoke.

Now write down, "I forgive myself for allowing (insert situation) to affect me, I forgive myself for any part that I played in (insert situation). I forgive (blank) for their part in (insert situation)." Make sure you forgive all parties involved, including yourself, for every situation. Now read this out loud with as much heartfelt meaning and conviction. Truly empowering every word with your authentic voice.

When you let go of things that are blocking your energy, you need to replace it with something else or it can move right back in again. For each situation that you clear create a short, positive phrase, that feels good, and will reinforce your sense of wellbeing. If you do several at one time, you can create a word picture, a collage, out of all of your phrases. It makes for a pleasant reminder of the good work that you have accomplished.

Take a moment when you are finished, and breathe in loving, healing, white light from your higher power down through crown, through your body, into every cell, into your very DNA. Then breathe deeply and slowly as you push the healing light out through your pores, surrounding you, enveloping you with the loving, healing, white light from your higher power.

Working through all of the above steps, down to the breathing exercise, is Sacred Living Ceremony. It is what has been lacking in society as a whole. Moving through these steps can help enrich your life. It can give you more energy, feelings of empowerment and strength to do all that is necessary; all that you love, on a daily basis.

*This Article previously posted at EzineArticles.com

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. Please except my Free offering of "Working With Mercury Retrograde to Grow Your Soul" Download this Gift from my heart today.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creative changes through perspective

A creative change through Perspective is looking at a situation differently. I have heard that the only thing you can control is how you respond to a situation.

I have, until recently, been angry when thinking of my mother’s death. In my perspective, she just gave up and the easiest way out was to transition. I have changed my way of looking at this situation. It came to my realization that her passing was an empowering act on her part, a beautiful example of keeping her personal power, by doing what was best for her.

When I changed my perspective on this situation from what she did to me, to what she did for herself, I took back my power and changed the energy of it, allowing room for real heart centered resolution and forgiveness.

In looking at your life, what could you look at from a different perspective, what has the possibility for healing and transformation? I was standing in my own way, do you want to be what is standing in your path to healing. Change your thoughts and transform your life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving Myself

We are here to experience, then feel, then express leading to understanding and finally love.

I am not an expert on anyone or anything but myself. I have been living with myself for over 47 years now and if I am not an expert on myself by now I never will be.

Recently I have found myself doubting everything about me; who I am, what I do, how I do it, with whom I do things with, where I am, how I am, and trying to figure out am I worth the space that I take in this world. 
Does the world benefit with me in it?

I know that I can be overly sensitive, moody, bitchy, and misunderstand with the best of intentions. I know that I have a temper that flares in particularly when I think an injustice has been done to me or someone I love. I know I can lean toward the obsessive, dog with a bone, when I am working to accomplish a goal. 

I also know that I have a compassionate heart and when I am not too much in my head I love to bring a smile to a person’s whole being. In fact it thrills me to my very core when I accomplish this by just letting the person know that I see them and I appreciate them for who they are even and especially complete strangers.

I know I love helping people see more clearly into the mysteries of life, their life in particular.  I love seeing that aha moment come into their eyes when they just became clear in their own mind about what they have been troubling over.

I know I love to create. I love the whole process of creating from beginning to end and I love sharing my creations with others.

Here is what I also know; I am here as a living soul in a human body. I chose to live in this body to experience all emotions as I interact with other souls in human bodies. I chose to come here and experience all of the tastes, smells, feelings, sights, sounds of my surroundings while sharing them with others, expressing my thoughts, hearing their thoughts and remembering Divine love within myself and every living creature.  

I choose to feel all of my feelings, happy, sad, angry, joy, all ranges of my emotions. I choose to share my feelings to help myself gain an even better understanding of myself and others.

I choose to love myself; all of the good and juicy parts as well as all of my shadow self.

I choose love.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creativity in the Making

Love Busting Out of the Box
Loving all the creativity flowing through me and having a fabulous time creating all that wants to be created. Feeling stories moving onto the page.

Story Time

Channeled Heart Energy
 What inspires you to create?  Would love to hear your creativity story. How do you tap into the creative flow?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Learning to Channel Your Creations into Being

Universal Heart
Learning to Channel Your Creations into Being - Monday August 29th at 7 p.m. Acworth Ga.

Learn to allow your creations to flow through you.

If you ever wished you were creative but didn't think you were...

If you think you don't have a creative bone in your body...

If you would love to create but think that it is impossible, this is for you.

Bring any art supplies if you have them but I have quite a bit. You can even bring your laptop if you would like to learn how to explore your paint program (in Windows7 only).

We will be exploring art as a meditative process, Divine connection, and much more.

It is time to transform your shadow energies into creations, learn to let go, and have fun creating!

Donation Only.

My partner and I have decided from now until the end of September all of our
classes will be for Donation Only (except for supplies and books $10 for each
class except for Seven Rays it is $5). This is a gift from our heart.

It is our intention to help those who wish to learn the tools for clearing,
healing and expanding in this time of changing energies. You may sign up for one
or all by contacting us.

You can check out our
webpages to see more info for each of the classes below. You will receive a
Certificate for each class.

Reiki Levels I, II, and III Saturday Aug. 27th and Sunday Aug. 28th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days

Karuna Ki Levels I, II, and III Saturday Sept. 3rd and Sunday Sept. 4th 10 a.m.
to 5 p.m. both days  http://dragonwillowjourneys.com/KarunaKi.aspx

Seven Rays with the Ascended Masters Monday Sept. 5th 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sacred InnerSpeak Empowerment Saturday Sept. 10th and Sunday Sept. 11th 10 a.m.
to 5 p.m. both days. http://www.shadowrhythms.org/p/premier-programs_24.html

Sacred Awakenings Saturday Sept. 17th 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you have ever been interested in any of these modalities now would be the
time to learn them for Donation Only.
All of these classes are being held in our home in Acworth Ga. Contact us for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Creative Energy in Shadow Periods

The energies of this shadow time can be very troublesome.  I find my energy can easily be over run with sadness from the waves moving through the air from person to person.
It seems necessary to not just clear on a daily basis but to find an outlet and for me it is my creativity. It is the one thing that can guarantee my moods staying more even and calm during shadow periods.

The more I create the better I feel.

Take time to stop your thoughts long enough to put pen, marker, crayon, paintbrush to paper and just begin to move your hand any way that it likes. Don't worry about what you are creating or who will see it. Just breath and create lines, hearts, stars, circles and any other shapes you wish. Create new shapes.

Allow for spirit to move through you as you create and add color to the page.

I never know what I am going to draw when I begin.  I just know that I am feeling compelled to express myself through art. While I am drawing, my breathing calms, my mind stills, and all feels right with the world in that moment.

May you find peace in your artful creations.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changing My Mood - Transforming My Energy

 I often create art as a meditative healing process.  These three pieces I created from yesterday afternoon through to today. 

I was having a moment of sadness and feeling a bit lost when I created this first piece yesterday afternoon.

 I then created this next piece this morning when my energy began to shift.

Changing Energy

This third piece I just created and I feel much lighter and ready to do the necessary steps for my day.

Energetic Opening


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