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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mercury Retrograde - Old Relationships Popping Up

*Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

Yesterday I found myself thinking about a relationship from over fifteen years ago a couple of times. Good ol' Mercury Retrograde gently reminded me that I have healing and clearing that needs to be done around this relationship

Last night I had my dad's ex-wife and my dad show up in my dreams. Okay Mercury Retrograde I hear you. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I need to clear and heal these past relationships

I looked at where my shadow planets are right now to see what I can journal about and my only Shadow energies going on at this time is Saturn square my Sun. Which means my journal questions are, "What isn't working in my life? What do I need to take a deeper look at regarding what isn't working with how I nourish my Soul?

I am going to the lake today, which definitely is good for my soul, and I will be journaling around the above as well as doing clearings for myself.

What is Mercury Retrograde reminding you to take a look at? What unfinished business or relationships need to be cleared and healed?

Morgan Dragonwillow 

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  1. How do you clear things, such as past relationships?


  2. Wonderful question Tui, there are many ways such as:

    Reiki and Karuna Ki - if you are attuned to these I have a "Reiki and Karuna Ki Energy healing" that you can do for yourself on my Meditations page http://www.shadowrhythms.org/p/universal-heart-meditation.html

    InnerSpeak was created by Jean Adrienne and it is a way to communicate to your higher self/soul to discover what needs to be cleared and then cleared through a set of files and muscle testing. I am a practitioner and teacher. If you are interested in learning more about this I can give you a phone session. It takes about forty minutes to an hour. All of my services are donation only and I leave it up to my clients how much they can afford.

    Journaling and dancing - http://www.shadowrhythms.org/2011/04/how-to-be-clean-and-clear.html These are more for clearing and balancing your body but you can change them to suit your needs of clearing something from the past or mix them with some of the others. I love dance for clearing and letting go of issues.

    I hope this helps.



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