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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding Happiness - Gratitude #Relish11

One of my biggest lessons this year is finding happiness with less.  This has been a year of minimizing and for some it's a difficult transition. How to live a happier life is a goal that I find to be upper most in peoples lives.

What I have found to be true for me is that gratitude plays a huge role in my learning to be happy.

Gratitude for the little things

I have never felt that I needed a lot to make me happy but I can get as caught up as the next person with thinking I have to have this or that. Wow... I even just realized that I can go on binge buying. Now for me that would be at a second hand store, Dollar Store, or grocery shopping but I can see how it was still binge buying.

This is something I am going to have to look into further at a later date because I want to stay on track.

Discovering that I am happy

What has happened for me, this past year, is that I have noticed how much more gratitude I have in my life.  How much more appreciation for what I have has brought more happy moments to my present.

Noticing the moments that I feel content and in that noticing I feel happy.

The more grateful I become about what I already have, and I have so much, the more I realize how happy I really am.

My tips on how to be happy

1. I think about what I have to be grateful for.
2. I ask myself if there is anything I need in this moment (most times I don't need anything at all).
3. If I find I am reaching for something that will numb myself out I ask what action do I need to be doing.
4. I Smile - when I smile I feel happy.
5. I play my favorite music and dance around my living room - that makes me very happy.
6. Creating of any kind makes me happy whether it is drawing, crocheting, writing, painting, or making jewelry. I am so very grateful for all of my creating abilities and that spreads joy and happiness throughout my being.
7. Spending time with people I love.
8. Ahhh cooking... creating in the kitchen is an indescribable happiness for me. From the chopping to the aromas to watching my family enjoying the food, makes me very happy.

Learning to be happy

It isn't always about how to find happiness as much as it is about becoming a happier person by seeing all that you have, doing what you love and staying in the present.

I am so grateful for all the happy moments I have had this past year.

May you find your Gratitude and Feel Great Joy and Happiness

Morgan Dragonwillow


  1. I like your list. What a great recipe for happiness! :)


  2. Great list! I too try to practice gratitude in my life but sometimes it feels forced. I've been noticing lately that the thought "I love my life" will pop into my head at random times so I've been trying to sit with it when it comes and really embrace that thought fully so that it can help carry me through the times of want.

    - and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  3. Thanks Tui, these prompts are making me think even more about what is important in my life.

    I am glad you enjoyed it Debra/manifeisty. I understand about it sometimes feeling forced. In those times I am not feeling very grateful I put a hand over my heart and connect with the oneness of the Universe. I instantly feel love pouring through me and completely filling me up. I can't help but feel grateful in that moment.

    -and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog- My pleasure! I meant every word. :D

    Morgan Dragonwillow

  4. Hi Morgan,

    I'm stopping by for Chasing Joy FBF. I love your tips on how to be happy. I do think smiling in its self makes you happy.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed my tips on being happy. I have much gratitude for you and wish you many happy moments!


  5. Yesterday I wrote about making empowering choices. Choosing to be happy is an awesome one. I loved reading this as I missed it in December. Hopped here from FRF! Big hugs...

    1. Hi Julie, always glad to see you! I will hop over to your blog and read about empowering choices, sounds good! Big hugs back!


  6. I truly believe that we should all be thinking like this. Staying at Happyville :) Its great to hear that I'm not the only one trying to get rid of things I do not need and being happy with what I have instead of going out and getting more unnecessary things. Thanks for sharing!

    PS I love telling people about SMILING to get them happy, especially when its the farthest thing from our minds. They say that all it takes is 16 seconds to get the juices flowing in the right direction and telling our brains that we're happy. Its crazy how well it works!

    #Chasing_Joy FBF

    1. Yes, it is nice to appreciate what I have and stay in the moment with gratitude. It is not to say for one to not feel other emotions it is more about expressing then transforming so that we are in a better frame of mind. So many people seem so miserable and think they can't do anything about it or that "things" will make them happy when it doesn't.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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