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Friday, December 9, 2011

Changing My Life With Music - Relish11.9

I found myself turning to music to calm my soul time and again this past year. Music has always been a sanctuary for me. I remember being asked one Christmas, when I was in high school, whether I wanted a small T.V. or a Stereo for my room.  I immediately said Stereo. I love music and it can change my mood like nothing else can. This year I really set the intention to changing my life with music.

There a many ways that you can listen to music now more than ever before in history. No longer are you restricted to what is being played on the radio or what records/tapes/cds you can afford to buy. Now you can hop online, peruse iTunes, Youtube, or Rhapsody. You can put music on your iphones, ipods, computers, and you can listen to music no matter where we are. It is easier now to find music that you truly resonate with and can help to change your mood as well.

I discovered this song when I was putting together the music for my workshop, "Sacred Awakenings." I had a wonderful time going through all different kinds of music and what is funny, I didn't even know at the time that it was sung by Bob Marley. The version I found and used for the workshop was by Elizabeth Mitchell. This version is by Connie Talbot - Three Little Birds.  I love playing this song and dancing around the living room with my granddaughter.

This is for the Writing Prompt from Relish11.9  The words that best describe your year in a word or phrase from a quote, poem or song. For me the words - Don't worry, about a thing, cause everything is gonna be alright - from the song epitomizes my year. With all the chaos going on in the world, when ever I felt anxiety, this phrase or something similar rang in my head. I remind myself in this moment that everything really is okay, that in this moment I have everything I need and I am alright.

I really believe this above everything else has helped me keep my sanity and realize it doesn't matter what changes are happening around me. I listen to my music and allow the changing times to flow around me as I do my best to radiate love.

What phrase of words or song soothes your soul? 

Do you have something you routinely do when you are feeling anxiety?

How can you change your life with music?

Do you have a song or songs that have made a difference for you?

Leave a comment and let me know what has changed your life this past year.

Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. If you would like to increase your self love please receive this FREE Download "From Self Sabotage to Self Love" from my heart to yours.

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