Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Empowered Shadow Walking

*Previously Posted on Dragonwillow Journeys

Learning to walk and dance with Shadow is quite a journey especially when I seem to have contracted, for this life anyway, to get to know Shadow very well. I feel amazingly more grounded, empowered and vastly more creative.

Sometimes I have to ask if my soul really knew what it was getting into, but then I remember everything is in Divine order.

I have really been shown how different I can feel when I don't fight with Shadow and I align myself with the dance. It really is amazing when you surrender to the process, to your higher self and to the Divine.

I have always felt the need to control so much of my situations and would get quite agitated when things didn't go the way I planned or my way. Still slip into that on occasion but I am really working with organic timing and not having to be in control anymore. Control was only an illusion anyway.

If you would like to understand your Shadow and see how much it could benefit you to uncover, discover and integrate, contact me and we will explore together "The Light the Dark No Difference." It is a journey worth taking.

May you have many loving, magical moments of mystery, sacred adventures and miracles
Morgan Dragonwillow 

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