Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Allowing Ourselves to be nurtured

I am always amazed that each day the passage for that day in the book "The Language of letting go" by Melody Beattie, Goes along with what I am feeling or what is going at that time. I gain strength form the passages, that I am not alone in the process of rediscovering myself, my feelings and most of all taking responsibility for getting my needs met, in a loving, nurturing way. This was what the daily meditation was for today.

November 18

Allow yourself to be nurtured and loved. be comforted by the presence of someone being there for you. allow yourself to be supported emotionally and cared for.
far to long we stand in the background attending to the needs all the while saying we have no needs of our own. we shut off the part of us that long to be nurtured.
It is time now to claim our needs, to identify those needs, and to understand that we deserve to have those needs met.
The more clear we become about our needs, the greater the possibility that those needs we be met. so, we need to ask our self, what are our needs, what would feel good, and how would we like them to be met.
People can only met our needs when they know from us what we need. Example, encouragement, a hug, a supportive ear.

"Today, I will be open to recognizing my needs for nurturing . I will open to the needs of others around me too. I can begin taking a loving, nurturing attitude toward myself and by taking responsibility for my needs in relationships".

It Takes a Village - A Community For Our Children

I thought being older and wiser I would be better prepared for helping to raise a child. I have raised two daughters already so I should know what I am doing right? I have educated myself, learned more about what children need to thrive and yet still I am feeling overwhelmed and out of my element.

Knowing more doesn't always mean better prepared. I honestly don't remember worrying, as much as I do now about helping to raise my granddaughter, about messing my girls up when they were growing up. I figured I would love them, clothe them, feed them, shelter them, stand by them giving them all the support they need and they would turn out all right. Now I realize how much I screwed up and how things matter that you don't even realize when you are young. Now I find myself scrutinizing everything I do and worrying because I know even the small things effect how they grow, learn and love.

I look around for answers for a better way and I am seeing too many questions. I am seeing too many parents struggling, tired, overwhelmed, and barely having the energy to enjoy their children while virtual strangers are actually raising them and doing even more damage. Babysitters, daycare, schools all are getting ridiculously indifferent to the children and their needs. Parents knowing they are probably not spending enough time with their children as others are raising them and screwing them up even more, that they should start putting money aside for therapy now even though they can't afford it.

What are we doing to our children? Why are we not able to see that parents; our children, sisters, brothers, grandchildren need our help? Sure, you may say that you did better than your parents did but how much better is that really? How long are you going to sit by and watch as our public schools become an even more terrifying place than when you were in school? How long are you going to say, "Its not my problem." How long are you going to stand by while children within your family, neighborhood, community, city, country are left feeling like no one cares if they are bullied, berated, molested, or just starving for someone to notice them.

I know there are systems and organizations out there that are supposedly helping them but they don't help until there is a problem, until the damage is done. All of us need to say enough is enough. You and I need to take responsibility before it is a problem. You and I need to help our families, friends, and neighbors to make sure that the parents are getting the support they need. That the children have lots of people who love them in their lives. That you and I are supporting our children to learn, grow and love. That we are helping the children to explore until they discover their passions in life. That we are supporting them to make wise choices for themselves.

Today make a difference for at least one child in your life and tomorrow and the next day.

  • Volunteer to babysit so that the parent/s can take a little time for themselves
  • Be a Big Brother or Big Sister
  • Volunteer at your neighborhood school
  • Ask a parent what you can do to help them
  • Tell a parent what a great job they are doing
  • Make an effort to be more involved in a young families life on a daily basis
  • Write to your neighborhood school supporting the staff and teachers to create a more loving and supportive environment for the children to learn in.
  • Ask yourself, "What can I do that would help a child feel more loved and supported?"
  • Ask yourself, "What can I do that would help the parents around me feel more loved and supported?"
Lovingly be of service. I am sure if you look around you will see someone close to you that needs help.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Universal Heart Energy

In looking at what needs to be done before my move I become short of breath. Breathe I tell myself. Nice long breaths. I can do this. Everything points to right timing and everything is as it should be so just relax. Yeah... I am doing my best.

I trance danced by myself in my living room this week. It was fabulous. I created a circle in the middle of the living room by rolling blankets up and making a circle with them. So I knew if my foot touched one of the blankets I had to move back into the middle. It worked quite well. When I journaled afterward it was very enlightening. I hadn't thought of Trance dance as being a daily practice as a form of meditation but that is exactly what I received from it. I also felt and saw how smoothly things can flow if I remember to stay in the moment, connected to the universal heart energy and centered in my body.

Universal heart energy is something that downloaded through me a couple of months ago. The message I recently received around it is that we need to use conscious boundaries to keep from being sucked into the chaos of group mind instead connecting to universal heart energy. From that I am more able to stay within compassion, seeing we are all one without feeling the overwhelming anxiety that is permeating society right now. If you feel strong anxiety and think it might not all be yours, breathe, find your center, and see your light beaming from your heart center out to the universal heart. See all the lights flowing from each person to the universal heart energy. See the light flowing into you, filling you, spilling out and surrounding you creating a cushion of loving light protecting you from outside influences yet still being connected through the heart. It helps me I hope it helps you as well.

Much Love to you,
Magdalene Althea Morgan - Priestess on the Move - Dancing in the Sacred
Dragonwillow Journeys
Facilitates experiential events, workshops and transformative bodywork

Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking into the Shadow

A couple of years ago I kept hearing that I needed to explore and integrate my shadow. I had no clue what that really meant. I went in search through books and the internet to discover what I could. I found this great piece "The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us" by Robert Bly (A Little Book on the Shadow p.17-21). This is a small bit from that piece,

"Let’s talk about the personal shadow first. When we were one or two years old we had what we might visualize as a 360-degree personality. Energy radiated out from all parts of our body and all parts of our psyche. A child running is a living globe of energy. We had a ball of energy, all right; but one day we noticed that our parents didn’t like certain parts of that ball. They said things like: “Can’t you be still?” Or “It isn’t nice to try and kill your brother.” Behind us we have an invisible bag, and the part of us our parents don’t like, we, to keep our parents’ love, put in the bag. By the time we go to school our bag is quite large. Then our teachers have their say: “Good children don’t get angry over such little things.” So we take our anger and put it in the bag. By the time my brother and I were twelve in Madison, Minnesota we were known as “the nice Bly boys.” Our bags were already a mile long."

I discovered excavating my shadow didn't just mean looking at the things I don't like about myself, but at things I had "put in the bag" because it made other people uncomfortable such as my creativity. I have pulled my creativity out of the bag. I now lovingly and playfully explore creativity through art, beads, yarn, fabric, collaging, and just about anything I can try. I am so glad I dared to look into the shadow.

May you journey into your shadow with courage and rejoice at your integration.

Much love and blessings,
Magdalene Althea Morgan - Dancing Shamanic Priestess -
Facilitator, Creatrix, Multi-Dimensional traveler, Transformative Bodywork Therapist. Dancing the Sacred & Creation into being.


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