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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Universal Heart Energy

In looking at what needs to be done before my move I become short of breath. Breathe I tell myself. Nice long breaths. I can do this. Everything points to right timing and everything is as it should be so just relax. Yeah... I am doing my best.

I trance danced by myself in my living room this week. It was fabulous. I created a circle in the middle of the living room by rolling blankets up and making a circle with them. So I knew if my foot touched one of the blankets I had to move back into the middle. It worked quite well. When I journaled afterward it was very enlightening. I hadn't thought of Trance dance as being a daily practice as a form of meditation but that is exactly what I received from it. I also felt and saw how smoothly things can flow if I remember to stay in the moment, connected to the universal heart energy and centered in my body.

Universal heart energy is something that downloaded through me a couple of months ago. The message I recently received around it is that we need to use conscious boundaries to keep from being sucked into the chaos of group mind instead connecting to universal heart energy. From that I am more able to stay within compassion, seeing we are all one without feeling the overwhelming anxiety that is permeating society right now. If you feel strong anxiety and think it might not all be yours, breathe, find your center, and see your light beaming from your heart center out to the universal heart. See all the lights flowing from each person to the universal heart energy. See the light flowing into you, filling you, spilling out and surrounding you creating a cushion of loving light protecting you from outside influences yet still being connected through the heart. It helps me I hope it helps you as well.

Much Love to you,
Magdalene Althea Morgan - Priestess on the Move - Dancing in the Sacred
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