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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving Myself

We are here to experience, then feel, then express leading to understanding and finally love.

I am not an expert on anyone or anything but myself. I have been living with myself for over 47 years now and if I am not an expert on myself by now I never will be.

Recently I have found myself doubting everything about me; who I am, what I do, how I do it, with whom I do things with, where I am, how I am, and trying to figure out am I worth the space that I take in this world. 
Does the world benefit with me in it?

I know that I can be overly sensitive, moody, bitchy, and misunderstand with the best of intentions. I know that I have a temper that flares in particularly when I think an injustice has been done to me or someone I love. I know I can lean toward the obsessive, dog with a bone, when I am working to accomplish a goal. 

I also know that I have a compassionate heart and when I am not too much in my head I love to bring a smile to a person’s whole being. In fact it thrills me to my very core when I accomplish this by just letting the person know that I see them and I appreciate them for who they are even and especially complete strangers.

I know I love helping people see more clearly into the mysteries of life, their life in particular.  I love seeing that aha moment come into their eyes when they just became clear in their own mind about what they have been troubling over.

I know I love to create. I love the whole process of creating from beginning to end and I love sharing my creations with others.

Here is what I also know; I am here as a living soul in a human body. I chose to live in this body to experience all emotions as I interact with other souls in human bodies. I chose to come here and experience all of the tastes, smells, feelings, sights, sounds of my surroundings while sharing them with others, expressing my thoughts, hearing their thoughts and remembering Divine love within myself and every living creature.  

I choose to feel all of my feelings, happy, sad, angry, joy, all ranges of my emotions. I choose to share my feelings to help myself gain an even better understanding of myself and others.

I choose to love myself; all of the good and juicy parts as well as all of my shadow self.

I choose love.

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