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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forgive Yourself and Others Through A Sacred Living Ceremony

Just about everywhere you look you will find someone talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be very empowering and speed you on your path to authenticity. If you are in a place of thinking that it is easier said than done, here are steps that can help you achieve success in forgiving yourself and others.

Write down everything that triggers you and the person or persons it is associated with. This can be anything from your childhood to the present.

Write down any obsessive thoughts that replay in your mind again and again. Obsessive thoughts can prevent you from having the energy that you need for your daily activities. Let alone the wonderful creative projects just waiting for your attention.

Pick one of any of the above; it can be one that is less triggering, or you can decide to pick the hardest one to get it over with.

Connect with your higher power and say a little prayer asking for help with this situation and the person or persons involved.

Write down every single thing that bothers you, everything that you can remember of the situation down to the last detail. Do not censor yourself in any way. You want to get it all down, every last little bit, so that you do not have to go there again. It doesn't matter how it sounds because no one else will be reading it.

When you feel that you have said all that you need to say, burn the paper in a fireplace or outside in a contained area. As the smoke rises allow all the feelings that you have for the situation and the people involved to rise up with the smoke; really let it go, giving it all over to your higher power. Truly feel it moving out of your body while breathing deeply. Of course not of the smoke.

Now write down, "I forgive myself for allowing (insert situation) to affect me, I forgive myself for any part that I played in (insert situation). I forgive (blank) for their part in (insert situation)." Make sure you forgive all parties involved, including yourself, for every situation. Now read this out loud with as much heartfelt meaning and conviction. Truly empowering every word with your authentic voice.

When you let go of things that are blocking your energy, you need to replace it with something else or it can move right back in again. For each situation that you clear create a short, positive phrase, that feels good, and will reinforce your sense of wellbeing. If you do several at one time, you can create a word picture, a collage, out of all of your phrases. It makes for a pleasant reminder of the good work that you have accomplished.

Take a moment when you are finished, and breathe in loving, healing, white light from your higher power down through crown, through your body, into every cell, into your very DNA. Then breathe deeply and slowly as you push the healing light out through your pores, surrounding you, enveloping you with the loving, healing, white light from your higher power.

Working through all of the above steps, down to the breathing exercise, is Sacred Living Ceremony. It is what has been lacking in society as a whole. Moving through these steps can help enrich your life. It can give you more energy, feelings of empowerment and strength to do all that is necessary; all that you love, on a daily basis.

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Morgan Dragonwillow

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