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Monday, March 29, 2010

30 Shamanic Questions For Humanity

As I go through the 30 Shamanic Questions For Humanity (created by Linda Star Wolf) with my co-journeyer, I am also working with the Gaia Matrix Oracle, pulling one card for every question. It is quite interesting how that is playing out. The first card I pulled 6 Antagonists - Soul Conflict which its key phrases are; transforming addictions, uncovering anger, changing self-conflict into dynamic peace and developing compassionate discipline. That pretty much told me I was in for quite a ride. It is definitely intense, interesting and enlightening for me. I highly encourage anyone who is wanting to know themselves better, have a better connection to The Divine, and help to raise the vibration of this planet, to find a co-journeyer and work through the 30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity. You can find it in Linda Star Wolf’s book, ‘Shamanic Breathwork – Journeying Beyond The Limits of the Self’ which is a wonderful book.

Though I won't be sharing the questions here, (it is recommended that each question be revealed as you come to it as you co-journey together) I am going to share my observations of my journey and the cards that I pull as I go along. I decided to do that after the fifth question and how much it is triggering for me and the insights that are coming to me.

The Second question I pulled 17 Synarchy – Social Harmony which its key phrases are; Recognizing self as others, creating holistic systems, and organizing practical and spiritual aspects of each individual. Okay... stretching, feeling this move through me.

The Third, I pulled 4 Priest-Seer – Attunement which its key phrases are; Being a spiritual guide and mediator, creating sacred relationships, creating rituals of sacrifice and transmission and strengthening your faith. Hmmmmm... sounds like things are on track.

Here is where it started to get a little uncomfortable for me. The Fourth question I pulled 1 Creator – Prime Mover which its key phrases are; Trusting love, developing true heart and humble faith, dedication to recreating your life, and living from the sources. I don’t much care for the word humble. It goes way back to my church days and feeling like I couldn’t be myself, that I as an individual wasn’t important, and that I was not to reach or be…more. I love God/Divine Source. I don’t believe that Divine Source ever wants us to be less than we are meant to be. I believe She/He wants us to always move forward, feeling our Divine connection and living to our highest potential.

The Fifth question I pulled 11 Death-Dance – Matter, Natural evolution which key phrases are; Descending into Matter, releasing the limits of personality, finding freedom within boundaries, and transmuting matter in the body’s crucible. Wow… for me that meant I was going to die to all of the old ways of believing and move into birthing the new. Incorporating the light and the dark. Bringing the shadow into the light. That I will be/am seeing things in a whole new way. Now that looks positive but wow, did I feel that in my body. My body said “What do you mean I have to look at things differently? What do you mean I can’t fall back on all of my old ways of doing things?” I am breathing… I am breathing... I am bringing life’s breath into my belly, remembering my center, and moving through the discomfort of change. Of course it has taken me four days to do that through, meditation, eating (old habit that I am working on), clearing with InnerSpeak, a little diving into TV and books (another thing I am working on) and finally pulling out my paints (for the first time) and creating a mandala. (Thank you Judy for encouraging our little ones inside of ourselves to come out and play through painting). Alright, so this process is a difficult one but well worth the results of being… of Be-ing… whole.

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