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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Igniting Initiatory Process

Morgan and I were at the park and she asked me questions about the Priestess Process and here are her questions and my answers.

What does the Priestess Process mean to you?

I believe the Priestess Process is an igniting initiatory process because;

A. It sets you on your path

B. Once you set your intention those energies flow through you

C. The process is living ceremony

We can change those patterns, we can change those moments, and we can reformat our DNA through living ceremony. It really is a reformatting. It takes everything we know as truth, shakes it up, and helps our inner self/soul discover our truth, our soul's purpose.We get to see who we really are on a spiritual and soul level, our true God/dess essence.

And what part do you love the most?

I love helping to co-create living ceremony in the moment. For example someone feels they need to come through the birth canal for their process and we get down on all fours as someone crawls through, lightly compressing simulating contractions.

What else do you really want someone to know about this process?

That it is a safe place to peal back all the layers, the "God Poisoning." As humans we have been inundated by so many non-truths and so much abuse of power, so much cover up that the actual truth of it has been buried. To the point that nobody knows what the actual truth is and the only way we can get to it is by going deep, pealing off all the layers to get to our truth.

I would equate it to having an eating disorder of binging and purging. Eating and stuffing, eating and stuffing, the thing is we haven't come to the purge part. When we get into the safe space of circle, we are able to spiritually vomit all that out until we get down to our original essence, our God source.

How have you changed due to the Priestess Process?

The Priestess Process helps you discover who you really are. You see a progression, you see where you were to where you are now. I have grown tremendously. I have seen my growth in definable measures. I know I have found my true path and my own personal Divine blueprint. I am more responsible for myself, my emotions, and my actions.

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