Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Creative Energy in Shadow Periods

The energies of this shadow time can be very troublesome.  I find my energy can easily be over run with sadness from the waves moving through the air from person to person.
It seems necessary to not just clear on a daily basis but to find an outlet and for me it is my creativity. It is the one thing that can guarantee my moods staying more even and calm during shadow periods.

The more I create the better I feel.

Take time to stop your thoughts long enough to put pen, marker, crayon, paintbrush to paper and just begin to move your hand any way that it likes. Don't worry about what you are creating or who will see it. Just breath and create lines, hearts, stars, circles and any other shapes you wish. Create new shapes.

Allow for spirit to move through you as you create and add color to the page.

I never know what I am going to draw when I begin.  I just know that I am feeling compelled to express myself through art. While I am drawing, my breathing calms, my mind stills, and all feels right with the world in that moment.

May you find peace in your artful creations.


  1. It is so true about how good creation can feel - even if it is for no one but yourself. While I have returned to my writing, I still have yet to return to my drawing. I think soon I will have to make time for this as well.
    Happy to see you on #flashbackFriday :)

  2. Hi Nicole, I love drawing but mostly I have been drawing in the paint program on the computer. I love it! Probably because it is easy to erase if I want to change something about it or make a mistake.

    So glad you stopped by! Love chatting with you on Twitter!


  3. My outlet for pushing away the darkness is exercise. I run. And today it again worked it's magic. But I might something creative too.

    1. Through art and dance it is possible to transform the darkness, not just push it away. I have dealt with shadow my whole life and only since I've been using creativity and movement, to help me change it, have I begun to feel better.

      I am glad you have found running to help you during your shadow periods.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, may you find joy in the present moment.


  4. I recently tried using a pottery wheel for the first time. It was harder than I thought! Now, when I work with clay, I just see what I end up with rather than trying to make it into something in particular. (My first vase, for instance, turned into a cat dish!) I really like the feeling of clay.

    I tend to get anxiety rather than sadness, but I can certainly relate to what you are talking about above. Creating something - anything - is so therapeutic. Often, for me, something as simple as taking a photo and posting it on Instagram is enough to shift me out of an anxious state.

    Love your posts!

    1. Hi Tui, I feel both anxiety and sadness depending on what I am going through and the energies I pick up around me. When I wrote this there were waves of sadness energy bombarding me. In the past it has been difficult to discern what is mine and what isn't. I am getting better at telling the difference.

      I have always wanted to try a potting wheel and I am sure it is much harder than it looks! :D How you describe allowing your pottery to become whatever it becomes is how I am with my art. I had to be able to let go of control and perfectionism to be able to enjoy creating and using it to help transform and heal old wounds.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I always enjoy seeing you, so to speak. :D



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