Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Poet's Life

This has been a difficult year (more like a year and a half) for me, as I'm sure it has been for others as well. I allowed myself to fall into the pit of depression and despair but I've worked my way out. I've been attending women's energy circles, meditating, giving myself Reiki, Karuna ki and Innerspeak sessions, reading, using tarot and oracle cards, journaling, and more to get myself out of this funk.

Finally I am making myself get out there, doing massage therapy again, chatting with friends, making new friends, taking workshops and planning to facilitate workshops. Oh, and taking care of my new fish aquarium with platies, black mystery snails, and ghost shrimp, and taking care of our two new hermit crabs.

I can finally breathe again. I am writing again, the words have been flowing to the page. Poetry has come back into my life.

I have taken to the habit of keeping my poetry magnets next to my laptop as there tends to be a lag going from page to page. If I play with my magnets it gives me two benefits, one being of course creating poetry. The other, it helps keep me relaxed instead of frustrated. That's how I created the poem above, though I used the magnetic words to inspire this piece instead of it being all magnets.

Below is a short poem I actually created with the magnets.

Life ebbs and flows and thank goodness it is flowing again.

Check out the OctPoWriMo Countdown!

Row80 Check in:

I'm writing 750 words a day or three pages in my journal for Journaling as a Spiritual Process.
Writing at least a poem a day.
Writing at least 500 a day on, A Poet's Life. Yes, it has the same title as this post. It seems it wants to be a whole lot more than a post. We'll see what becomes of it.
It is also that time of year again when I'm prepping for OctPoWriMo: 31 Poems in 31 Days. I'm writing the daily countdown posts and I'm coordinating the volunteers for October's posts.

Yeah, it kind of sounds like a lot but I'm doing my best to stay organized.

Row80 is a Round of Words in 80 Days, hop on over and visit the other participants and share word love along the way.

Morgan Dragonwillow, author of Wild Woman Waking & Dancing within Shadow, is a Bodywork transformer, dancing poet, motivator of words, magical instigator and creatrix of #OctPoWriMo and #PoetsonthePage. You can find out more about her and how she can help you "move your body and move your words" on her blog.
Yes, she is on Google+ too!


  1. I, too, fell into the pit of despair this past January. Nothing I used to try to pull me out had worked. Except maybe time. I've finally crawled out and am worming my way away from the edge, hoping that the pit doesn't suck me back in. So I sure know what you're talking about.

    Best wishes with your own journey.

    1. Thanks Chris, I've done a lot of work to feel better and I know I'm on the other side of it. Hope you are able to stay on the other side of it as well.


  2. Sometimes darkness hides the deepest beauty...and shows us things we couldn't see in the light. I'm trying to look at it that way. Rather than focus on what I can't change, I'm figuring out what I can, and how to go about it.

    It sounds like you're doing the same!

    I'm excited for OctPoWriMo - I have a cool idea for how to approach it this year.

    So glad you're finding your way back to yourself and the poetic power of your words! =D

    1. Thanks Shan,

      It sounds like so many of us have struggled this year on multiple levels. Things are getting better and I know we can do it! So glad you are joining OctPoWriMo again this year!



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