Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Writing Contest

30 Stories in 30 days of Teen Fantasy Fiction Writing Contest Beginning Tuesday February 21, 2012 through March 20, 2012 

Great News! 10% of the profits from this Anthology is going to Arts Corps A fantastic organization that helps teens through creativity and art programs. Keep submitting your fantasy fiction stories and help make dreams come true; getting published and helping troubled teens. Know that your stories are helping to change lives.

Yes I am new to hosting Writing Contests. Yes I am currently not a well known author or writer, but if you are serious about writing teen fantasy fiction then you are in the right place. 

You have the opportunity to: 
  • Expand your writing skills 
  • Possibly be published in a Teen Fantasy Anthology 
  • Gain exposure - possibly gain new followers to your blog Twitter & Facebook (even if you don't win)
  • Having a daily deadline can stimulate your writing to new heights. 
  • You can help teens discover the wonderful world of reading, creativity, imagination and possibly inspire them to write a story of their own.
  • Possibly have 30 short stories completed in 30 days!
  • If you aren't published yet this is a great place to start!
  • And it is FREE! No fees for entering this contest, not now, not ever! 

How it Works

Every night at Midnight EST I will post the writing prompt/s for the day on the Writer's Universe Blog. You will have twenty-four hours to write a 1000 to 3000 word Teen Fantasy Fiction. You can enter a new story every day of the 30 days but it isn't required. Of course the more you enter the bigger the chance of winning a spot in the Anthology. Winners will be chosen by: how well they incorporate the prompt/s, imagination, creativity and magical component into the story. You must have all rights to the story and not previously published in any form and not placed on your blog during the competition or after if you are one of the winners and want to be included in the anthology. Don't forget to grab the 30 Stories in 30 Days badge, on the side of this page, to place on your website/blog to show that you are participating. See further guidelines below. See current writing prompts here.

Daily Contest Winner and Honorable Mention

The Honorable Mention will be posted with a quote from their story along with their blog link, Twitter and Facebook links. I will also be posting them on Twitter and Facebook.

The Daily Contest Winner will be in the running to have their story featured in a Teen Fantasy Anthology being published after the contest. They will be posted on the winner page with a short bio with their information on the Writer's Universe - Books, Blogs and Banter, as well as posted on Twitter and Facebook. After the contest is complete, the winners will be notified of the up coming anthology and whether their story will be included.

Submission Guidelines:

• DEADLINE: Before Midnight of each day of the contest from February 21-March 20, 2012

• PAYMENT: Authors will receive one complimentary copy of the anthology. 

• Submissions should fall between 1000-3000 words, but a few words over or under is fine. However, submissions that are excessively long will not be considered.

• Submissions will only be accepted as attachments in .doc e-mailed to awritersuniverse@gmail.com. Please do not embed your story in the e-mail.

• E-mails should have the title of the anthology, the author’s first and last name and the title of the story. 

• Include your real name (and pen name if using one), address, phone, email, story title and word count on the title page of the submission as well as in the body of your email. Include a brief bio (50 words or less) in the body of the email.

• Original works only, no reprints

• Format your masterpiece as it will be read, meaning use italics, bold, etc. when appropriate. Avoid the use of underlining and all caps.

• No headers or page numbers.

• Please use Times New Roman, Courier, Verdana, Arial or Georgia 12 point for submissions.

• Please do not use tabs or space for indentation. (Use the paragraph indent features of Word or Open Office, etc. instead. And remember, whatever word processor you use, save in Word or Rich Text Format.

• We reserve the right to reject any submissions not following these guidelines.

• By submitting your short teen fantasy fiction work to Writer's Universe, you are assigning Writer's Universe exclusive First World Rights for both print and electronic versions for a period of six months after publication. After that time period, you are free to resell your story as a reprint as long as first publication information is included. You keep all other rights including the original copyright.

• No gratuitous sexual situations or excessive foul language should be used, remember this is for teens. Throwing in extraneous scenes simply for the purpose of titillation or the use of four-letter words is not a formula for instant success. 

• You may withdraw your short story from consideration at any time, but this request must be made in writing (e-mail acceptable).

• Multiple submissions are accepted, but please send each story in its own email.

• Simultaneous Submissions: No simultaneous submissions.

• Entrants selected for publication will be contacted prior to publication with further instructions. There are some instances in which we might ask the author for a re-write (with suggestions) if we feel it would improve the story and its chances of being published. We also reserve the right to edit submitted stories for length and content. Authors will always be contacted in advance if we choose to use their story. Authors will also always receive an edit of their story for approval prior to publication.

You may post any questions you have in the comment section below or contact me at awritersunivers@gmail.com

*This contest is free to enter which means there are no cash prizes. This is for you to get your work noticed and possibly be included in a Teen Fantasy Anthology. May you have fun writing these stories!

Once again... email your entries to awritersuniverse@gmail.com


  1. Oh, this looks like fun. I'll try to see if I can whammy up some oomph to participate.

  2. I hope you do, I am enjoying your writing on your blog.



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