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Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy-ness of Life and Sacred Living

Lately I found it quite difficult to spend time on myself and to continue with my spiritual studies. My daughter and grandbaby live with me and I am helping to raise my grandbaby which is quite time consuming, very tiring and yet still extremely rewarding. The last three nights at 7:30 p.m. I have wanted just thirty minutes to spend dancing up my intentions for this month. The first night was beyond challenging. This is what it looked like...

The first night;

4:30 p.m. My car wouldn't start for me to take my daughter to work and had to ask a neighbor for a jump.
5:00 p.m. At mechanics telling me I need a new battery and to go up the street where it will be cheaper for me. (It cost $90 at Advance auto I wonder how much he would have charged)
5:20 On my way to advance auto I realized I was about to run out of gas and stopped at a gas station. Car refused to start. Had to wait 30 minutes for my partner to get there to jump start the car.
6:00 Changed battery at Advance Auto
6:38 rushing home
7:10 On Rhapsody putting song list together
7:30 trying to dance my intention as Olivia my grandbaby wakes up and my partner Christe tries to entertain her which doesn't work very well. Oliva cries off and on While Christie tries to feed her, drum for her, playing her didge seemed to quiet her the best.

The second night;

My partner is late coming back from the gym to watch Olivia, my mom is visiting and I go in my room to dance my intention. I am interupted twice.

The third and final night;

Everything is right on schedule, feeling really good about the song seletions, I am dancing in the elements, my sisters, my intention the energies are building, I am soooo into it that I decide on the second to last song I am to go sky clad and dance my clothes right off. I am feeling great, incredible, free, and my partner opens the door...I scream, she looks embarrased and closes the door. I forced myself to keep going but I wasn't able to regain the energy buildup that I had but I did the best that I could having only one song left.

It is all about balance, boundaries and maintaining the sacred in every day life. I found it was very important to me to have that time and it showed me that no matter what happened I still showed up, did the work, brought the sacred back into my daily life and remembered how important it is to take the time to connect. Connecting to my body, spirit, the earth, my sisters, the world and sending healing out to all that may benefit including the earth and our precious ocean. My body is a little sore from dancing from 25 to 30 minutes but it also feels more fluid and balanced. Balance is what I discovered I needed the most. That is my intention for the month to bring more balance into my life.

My wish for all of you...

No matter how busy your lives are that you allow yourselves time for bringing in the sacred. Allowing yourself to balance the busy-ness with time for yourself.

Much Love and Blessings to You.

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