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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Omega - The Beginning 1

I watched as the five siblings stood holding hands in a circle near the river.  I could see and feel everything they saw and felt. I closed my eyes and felt the grass beneath their feet, I heard the water flowing over the rocks, I felt the air moving around them, the heat of the sun warming their skin, and deep within them I felt spirit swelling within their heart.  They hummed softly slowly building the sound, varying the tone up and down.  As one they pushed the loving, healing energy down into the water, I could see through them as it began changing, clearing, cleaning, and energizing.

Their humming grew louder until I could feel the very air around me vibrating. I wanted to see for myself and opened my eyes. I looked down and saw wild roses opening within seconds, everything looked greener and more vibrant.  I didn’t make a sound.  I didn’t want to do anything to distract them.  I could see the water becoming clearer before my eyes.  The sound vibrating from them slowly dropped to a soft hum until they were completely quiet.  A moment later I saw them open their eyes and I waited until tall gangly Orrin, caught my eye and nodded slightly.

My skin tingled, I felt slightly dizzy, and my mouth felt dry as I whispered softly, “That was…” I swallowed a lump in my throat. “amazing. I have never seen anything like this ever.”  They all five smiled, fairly glowing with the energy they just channeled through them to heal the water as they dropped their hands simultaneously.

“We felt it important to show you first hand.” Orrin, the oldest at fifteen, spoke first.

Thirteen year old twins, Meira and Ethan, shared almost everything including sentences. “It is very important that you understand and are able to,” Meira’s twin, Ethan, picked up where she left off. “use all your senses to be our scribe.”

“Very important events are happening now and nothing is ever going to be the same.”  Galen, rather quiet for a ten year old, added.

“We have chosen you, because we have seen you in the future and know that you will still be here to complete the story.”  Annie, barely five years old, added with laughter in her voice.

“But what is going to happen to all of you?”  My eyes hurt as tears threatened to spill.  They all smiled lovingly, as they moved closer to me.

Galen took my hand, looked directly into my eyes as he said, “We can’t see our future.  We don’t know exactly what will happen but we know that whatever happens will be for the highest and best for all.  Our parents understand that and you need to understand that as well, if you are going to help us.”  Warmth spread through my body then was gone when Galen took his hand away.

“Yes of course.  I am honored.”  I looked them each directly eye to eye, soul to soul, then bowed slightly, “I am committed to giving my full attention, all of my senses,” I glanced at the twins and smiled, “To this task.”

“Thank you.”  All five siblings said in unison.

 “You do understand the importance of secrecy at this time?  There are those that don’t understand and are misguided in their efforts to keep us from our goal, as well as those that would knowingly stop us if they can.”  Orrin said standing with his feet apart and fingers pointing down toward the earth beneath him. I could practically see the energy moving back and forth between him and the earth. I wonder if he is ever not communing with our mother/sister earth.

“Yes, I understand.”  They moved as one again back toward the path that led to the van.
A hawk flew over head and Meira looked up.

“We need to hurry, Greyfeather says there is someone moving in this direction and it would be better if our paths didn’t cross.”

I looked up as the hawk flew away, my eyes growing wide.  Orrin had mentioned their animal guides but I thought they were like others and of the spirit world.  Goosebumps rose on my flesh.  Would I be meeting all of their animal guides?  Sweat trickled down my sides.  I looked back over my shoulder.  Galen smiled reassuringly at me.

“Don’t worry, I believe he is too far away and we will get to the car and to safety.”  Galen mistaking my anxiety for the danger we could be in due to the stranger.  I kept silent not wanting to know just yet what the other animal guides were.

As we drove up to their house in their van, I wondered what their parents really thought about all of this.  I could feel the excitement building to uncover all the many layers of this story.  Would they really tell me everything I wanted to know, everything I needed to know to chronologically document every detail? 


  1. beautiful writing! can't wait to read what you come up with next!


    1. Thank you. This wasn't for the challenge, I had been thinking about posting from this story for awhile and just made up my mind this morning to do it. Thanks for stopping by.



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