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Friday, April 27, 2012

Unblocking the Inner Writer-Pushing Past the Fear

Whether it is an unblocking or pushing past the fear, there are many creative tools to move through it to be the writer you were meant to be. Your soul is waiting for your empowered, authentic, and creative self. Stop preventing your dreams from being your reality.

The sheer intensity that a creative person can prevent themselves from creating is astounding. I have found myself floating on the web from one site to another to prevent myself from writing, thinking myself blocked. I have also found myself completely wrapped up in trash television to avoid the blank page or the next project that I know I want to create.

I do not believe that it is a block. I believe it is the fear or not believing in yourself enough to know you have greatness in you. I believe it is more about pushing past the fear to your creative soul than it is to unblocking it.

Today I have set a goal for myself to write as much as I can just to see what I am capable of. I feel the fear and anxiety creeping in. I know that if I let it, I won't achieve my goal. Here are some of the things I have done to push past it.

  • Create a list of twenty-six phrases, off the top of your head, to start paragraphs or pages with.
  • Make a list (at least 30) of your favorite words and keep it to the right of your screen to look at as you write.
  • Allow yourself to write nonsense; pages and pages of nonsense.
  • Write down every reason why you think you can not write then burn it.
  • Write what would happen if you wrote a best seller.
  • Create a story about your childhood with an imaginary friend, whether you had one or not.
  • Write a different ending to a story from your childhood that didn't turn out the way you wanted.
  • Write a story about a moment in your childhood that felt empowering.
  • Write a forgiveness piece forgiving everyone in your life that you feel hurt you and forgive yourself for any that you have hurt.
  • Set goals, if I write for this amount of time or this amount of words then I can (fill in the blank).
  • Use a different writing tool. If you always type, write with a pen. If you always use a pen use a pencil, use a crayon even. See how different you write with different tools. Do you tap into your inner child when you use the crayons?
  • Dance to your favorite music then write for at least an hour, repeat.
I know how hard it can be to push past the fear but if you are like me at all, you are always thinking about writing. If you think about it that much then stop thinking about it and write for goodness sakes. Even if it is only for you it is better than being miserable and always thinking what if or if only. Write because you love it. Write because you feel like you are going to die if you do not put your pen to paper. It has to feel better than not writing.

Your soul yearns for you to do what you love. If you are not doing it then you are sleep walking through life. Wake up and do what you love now. It is in remembering your authentic creativity that is a key element in your journey to wholeness. What are you waiting for, permission? Love yourself enough to do what is important to feed your soul today.


  1. I do think we have write through fear, always, just as we must face it, always. Have you noticed the writing in your head is not the writing on the page? Most of the time, I find that fascinating, unless I have not been writing, and then, the "ego" enters easily. When I remember that, I write every day, no matter what, for I don't want that ego issue, again.

    Peace my friend,

    When I r

    1. Hi Karen, Yes I often notice the writing in my head isn't the same as what I get onto the page. Have actually been struggling with that lately. I have been working on having a better relationship with my inner Sweetheart to counter the inner Critic.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, it is always a pleasure to see you!


  2. Hi Morgan: What incredibly wonderful advice on encouraging one's writing passion into reality. There have been times when at a particular scene I wasn't sure how to proceed. I'd run out of 'what if's' or creative juices. Or so I thought. That tends to creaate some very real anxiety. When that happens, I spend a few days away from the keyboard doing something else that I love to do. Soon, my soul calls me back to the story. Then, like a stream cascading over boulders, the problem I had perceived was no longer there. Magically, the inspirations flow. What amazes me still after over ten years of writing is that although I may consciously have plans on how the story progresses, detours pop up. Once I enter that ethereal zone of writing, some disembodied narrator takes me on a journey that leaves me breathless.

    1. Thank you Feather, I appreciate the supportive words. Thank you for sharing a piece of your writing journey and what works for you. It is wonderful when you can step back for a few days then get back to it stronger than ever.



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