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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Writing, Life and Checking in With Row80

The beginning of June I began JuNoWriMo which is writing a novel within a month for those that don't know what it is. I began the first week like gang busters. I wrote from 733 to 5344 a day and was feeling pretty good about my story and where it was going. I was typically thousands ahead of the 1667 a day that was required to complete 50,000 by the end of the month. I am currently at 19,876 total words for my novel.

I of course hit a wall. Now I am several thousand behind and trying not to allow it to worry me. I just need to do whatever it takes to get around that wall. I did do some problem solving trying to figure out what exactly the block is, whether it was fear or something else. I decided it was a little of both. I think it was also a pinch of depression that sneaks in on me when I am not diligent at keeping it at bay. Of course life has been interesting and stressful on the home front as well.

It is interesting that writing and working on my novel have completely side tracked me from writing in my blogs. I can't believe it has been almost a month since returning from staying at the lake and writing a post for A Writer's Universe. I never meant for so much time to go by. I watch other writer's participating in the JuNoWriMo that regularly post on their blogs and I am amazed because most of my focus is on my novel.

I am determined to get back on track with writing regularly for my blogs as well as getting back on track with my novel for the month. Those are my primary goals at this time. Ah and spending time out of doors exploring the world of photography that I can add to my blog posts. Okay and I am really missing my art that I used to create with my Shadow Rhythms' posts. 

I guess I have been really focused on writing and letting everything else fall to the way side. Hopefully I can find a better balance.

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  1. i've hit a bit of a wall with my campnanowrimo june project as well. i just make myself keep writing, even if i find myself disliking every word that i write. ultimately, i write for myself, and when i remind myself why i write, i find it easier to get around that wall.

    1. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the word love.


  2. The problem with challenges (any challenge, even the ROW80) that I've found is how easy it is to lose one's self in the experience until all those other things that make life worth "being" for get lost in the chaos. Perhaps it is the implied loss in a challenge.... not just the idea that a challenge can be lost of won, but the thought of missing out on the experience and the attempt.

    There is something very empowering about testing one's personal limits.

    However, that said, I would love to meet with you a bit more often for #wordmongering and word sprints. My morning #JuNoWriMo sprints on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are fairly sedate... I would love some company and inspiration to keep typing.

    As for balance? When you find some, could you share the secret? =O.O=

    1. Yes, it is empowering as long as you aren't beating yourself up during the process which most of the time I am not. But it seems my inner critic has gotten very sneaky since I am onto most of his ways. Yes my inner critic does seem to be male in energy.

      It is going to be even more of a challenge in the next two weeks because my daughter is moving out with my grand-babies at the end of this month. It is both a busy time and a sad time for me.

      Tell me when and where and I will do my best to be there to write with you. And... you will be the first I share my balancing act with when I discover how to do it. :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by dear heart.


  3. I have yet to understand why people set themselves up for failure. That includes writers. Writing is a creative process, in my view, not a project that requires deadlines and a budget. The success of a creative process is dependent upon the health and wellness of the "creator", balance of energy, clarity of focus. If there is an imbalance, the creative process slows or stops. If a writer is having difficulty in maintaining his/her goal, I think it is because of one of three things.

    One, the goal is unrealistic and the inner writer is rebelling. Two, there is a need to take time to renew, refresh, become grounded again - recharge the batteries. Your health is a priority (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual).

    The third reason for writer's block? For me it occurred when I allowed my ego to write the story. When the inspirations failed or the story lost its flow, I went back a chapter or two and found the place that felt 'wrong'. I hit the delete key and allowed the disembodied narrator to tell the story his/her way. It always worked, though I had to sacrifice several pages.

    Just my opinion.
    Feather Stone

    1. I understand and thank you for your opinion. I am one that really believes in this process though because too often writers make excuses or allow their inner critic to keep them from writing. Challenges such as JuNoWriMo helps me get out of my own way as I'm sure it does for others. I just need to stop making excuses and get back to writing because the first draft really is a vomit draft and I can refine/change it later.

      I also believe that fear is a more common denominator for writer's block than anything else. Here I am having written more than I ever have for a novel and I think deep inside me I began to ask, "Who am I to be able to do this?" instead of believing in myself and knowing I can.

      Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your word love.


  4. hello, Morgan!

    A most interesting group of comments, and a little bit of something in each suggestion for all of us, I suspect. Probably anything I suggest is wrapped within what has been said but I do have a healthy respect for the intimate friends of fear and ego. When I am in a moment full of feeling or emotion, I pose the question, "who or what is (fill in the emotion)?" My answer is always my ego.

    Best of all Morgan, you are writing, and writing leads to more writing. I keep you in my thoughts.


    1. Hi karen,

      So nice to see you! Yes my fear and ego often get in the way. I have been feeling so much chaos lately I just need to move past it.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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