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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Possible Book Cover and a Row80 Check In

Prudence has inspired me to play around with my book cover for Writing to the Finish line and so far this is what I have. It looks like I need to fix some alignment issues but I would love to hear your feedback on this book cover sample. I am wondering about the print at the bottom. It seems like it would be too hard to read online but I guess that may be the case with most book covers.

Yes you may notice a name change at the top. This is the name I am thinking of publishing under and changing on my websites. Though I will always love Dragonwillow I am feeling it is a bit too far out there for most people. I am willing to hear your thoughts on this topic as well. For those that don't know why I changed my name in the first place, you can read about it here.

The background for my cover I found at PublicDomainPictures which I will give credit to if I use it in the final cover.

Row80 Check In:

  • Revising and editing my manuscript, Writing to the Finish Line. Getting excited about completing it. I am interested in Beta testers and exchanging my Beta services for your book.
  • I started notes on a new book yesterday, Between Mother and Crone, that I think is going to be an interesting journey. It is a memoir.
  • I put my shapeshifter on hold, can't remember if I mentioned that or not and I pulled out one of my older stories to work on, Omega: The Beginning. It is a story I began four or five years ago and didn't know how to do an outline at that time so now I am creating an outline and seeing if this story has anywhere to go. I think it does. 
  • The Digital Writer made me realize the importance of supporting my fellow writers by leaving comments and reviews for their books. One of my new goals is to do at least one review (on Amazon) a week for books that I have read and click on the tags in Amazon for those that I haven't read yet but want to support your works.
I think that is all for this week. Don't forget to visit the other Rowers and leave your word love in the comments.



  1. I like the cover - the writing is small at the bottom, but I have my tagline on mine and its small. A fussy overcrowded cover is much worse. As long as you can see the title and author name in thumbnails, it's okay - or so I've been told. :)

    I've come to the same counclusion re The Digital Writer - so much given freely and yet I've not had a moment to read them, let alone write reviews for their books. I do share what I buy though. But still, I am going to try to read/review more of them. Fiction isn't inspiring me lately anyway.

    Good luck for next week Morgan. X

    1. Thanks Shah for sharing your thoughts. I do read a lot both fiction and non-fiction. I haven't read all of the books that I have from The Digital Writer but enough that I needed to update them on Amazon with Reviews and clicking the tags. It was actually the first time I had written a review on Amazon and that alone needed to be rectified. Hence the new goal. A lot of the reviews I will be doing are on books I have already read. I will then make it a goal to at least buy one indie author's book a month to read and review on Amazon. I do have one indie author's book already that I need to finish and do a review.

      Thanks for stopping by and showing the word love!

      Good Luck with the release of your new book, I am so excited for you!


  2. I really like the look of the cover! There's something about the color and the patterns that make me want to pick the book up and read it, and that's saying more than 80% of the books I see.

    I can still read your bottom text on my computer monitor, so it's not too small. I might make a couple suggestions on the text (without trying to be critical - only helpful!) Maybe you could use the word "Including" instead of "With," and I think the verb form of kick start is actually kick-start, with the dash.

    It sounds like you've got a lot of projects moving simultaneously, and you're juggling them all well. I hope I can do the same as I start out into ROW80 for the first time. Congrats on your progress, and wish me luck!

    1. Thanks Mike, I appreciate your input. My daughter had already suggested swapping the "With" to "Including" so you have helped me make a decision with that. Thank you. I will look at the kick start verses kick-start and see what I find out about it.

      Congratulations and Welcome to Row80! The best advice I can give to someone just beginning is, be kind to yourself, don't try to visit everyone's pages (a few a week is fine), remember to visit the Row80 Facebook page (we often support and encourage each other there), use the hashtags #Row80 #wordmongering #editmongering and #1k1hr to find others writing/editing/revising, and most of all try to remember to have fun.

      I also highly recommend using TweetDeck for Twitter because it allows you to pull up multiple columns. I am often have @ Me #wordmongering #Editmongering #1k1hr all in front of me at the same time. There are some great online websites that have a lot of helpful info regarding Twitter. One of my favorites is http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing word love! May your fingers fly on the keyboard and your inspiration flow onto the page!


  3. I really like this cover. I like the font you've chosen and I find the colours and patterns dynamic, energizing, and yet serene at the same time. Your title "Writing To The Finish Line" really appeals to me as well.

    I've really enjoyed looking at all your blogs Morgan. You have a keen eye for beauty, a whimsical flair, a good sense of design! Plus, you write very interesting content. I was glad to read that you're working on a way to bring them all together.

    1. Thank you so much Andrea. I have finally figured out a way to pull it all together and I am excited to make it happen in the coming weeks. First though I will be finishing the edits on Writing to the Finish Line for this cover. Your comment brings joy to my heart.



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