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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A View of My Writing Sanctuary and a Row80 Check In

My Work Station
Today I am grateful for my writing room and work station. It is my sanctuary where I enjoy coming to every morning, drinking my tea, checking Facebook and Twitter, and then getting to work on my current projects.

Neela claiming her seat in my Writing Room.
My Writing Room/Sanctuary

I turn on my music, either Pandora or a personal playlist in my Media center.

I dance into and out of anything that is bothering me.

I pull cards to see what messages I need to hear, who wants to work with me for the day, and check to see if any crystals want to hang out with me.
My Sanctuary

I read, I write, I edit, 

I dance.

I dream.

Row80 Check In and New Goals for August:

I can't believe July is over. It makes me a little sad. I do feel I achieved quite a lot though probably not as much as I was hoping for. I completed my first draft of my shapeshifter novel using #FastDraft and my almost finished book, Writing to the finish Line. I created this wonderful space for my writing process by taking the room my daughter moved out of and making it my writing sanctuary. I survived the moving out of my daughter and my grand babies. (It took a week or so but I am actually enjoying the extra time to myself now) My partner and I go over to their new apartment once or twice a week to visit and have dinner together as well as they come over here about once week.
  • I am editing my Writing to the Finish Line. It is a difficult process, editing. I didn't think it was going to be this crazy making. I have to pull myself to it even though I love when I am finished with a chunk of it for the day, I still can procrastinate. 
  • I have decided to wait to edit my #FastDraft for a bit longer while I work on Writing to the Finish Line.
  • So far so good with my weekly check ins.
  • I am adding a new goal for the month of August. I am exploring photography to have all of my own pictures for my blog posts and Social Media posts. 
  • Another goal I haven't mentioned but have been doing the last few weeks is reading in the genre of which I am writing during my writing and editing of my Shapeshifter Novel. I am going back and forth between Tanya Huff's Blood series and Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy. Both series I have read before, many times because they are favorites of mine, and I am enjoying them again. 
Do you make time to read during your writing process? What genre of books do you enjoy most? 

Please visit the other Rowers and give them your support by leaving word love in their comment section. 

A View of My Darker Side:


  1. I love your writing station! The lillies are beautiful! Do you frequently have fresh flowers, or is that just for the picture?

    I have a couple of places I can write, which is good because I'm never happy in one place for very long. Thank goodness I have dropbox, so I can change computers whenever I want!

    1. Until recently I didn't care for cut flowers. I always thought, "Why would I want something that is just going to die?" But the day before my birthday (July 9th) I was reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and how she loves to have flowers around because of how they make her feel. I decided I wanted flowers in my writing sanctuary. They have been there ever since. I have added flowers to them three times since that day and periodically taken out the dead flowers. So yes, it is a regular thing now. I love it because they are constantly changing as I bring the new flowers in to add to them.

      As to your not liking to write in the same place for very long - That is why I like my set up, I will stand and write, sit and write, and get cozy on the bed and write all within my writing sanctuary.

      Thank you for sharing your word love!


  2. Your writing space is lovely!! Great job on your goals this week, especially with making the adjustments at home. Those kinds of things can somehow throw you so off course. Good luck with the editing and can't wait to hear more about your shapeshifter novel! Have a good week :D

    1. Thanks Lauren, it has been a labor of love putting it together. This month has been all about transitions. I am hoping August will be a little more calm. I will keep everyone posted on my progress of my shapeshifter novel.

      Thanks for stopping by, I so very much appreciate your word love!


  3. Oh, that is fantastic! I wish I had a space like that. As it is I have to sit either on my bed or the sofa or the dining table.

    1. Thanks, I do enjoy it. It is only recently (since my daughter moved out) that I have it though. I was writing from my bed most of the time because we had a houseful with grand babies.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing word love!


  4. I love your goal of experimenting with photography to have your own pictures to upload to your blog! Makes it much more personal! ;)

    Oh and ps... I was looking at your picture and realizing... I REALLY need to clean off my writing space! lolol

    1. Thanks Virginia, I appreciate your support and encouragement! I love my writing space and I hope you treat yourself to creating a more inviting space for yourself.



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