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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eclipse 2 - Sabotage, Endings and Closure

This week the second of three eclipses arrives and we have had many reminders of where we need to create closure and allow endings. This week brings a total lunar eclipse, which always involves emotions, the mother and feminine energies, and issues around power and relationships. The moon being 'eclipsed' or blocked out by the sun, is a metaphor that reminds us of where we give our power away and how we limit ourselves by fear, including self sabotage and the role that our emotions play in how we create our life.

The word 'sabotage' comes from the French word for wooden shoes that workers used to wear, 'sabots'. And when they wanted to protest working conditions they would throw their old shoes in the machinery, breaking it. They won the battle but lost the war-no machinery meant no work or money. This week's eclipse asks us where we sabotage our life, use our power to limit ourselves and stop our life's machinery in protest, forgetting that we are in control, in charge of the process and there are easier, less dramatic and drastic ways of changing our life path.

The other subject for the eclipse is endings and closure. We all want nice, tidy endings with closure that acknowledges us, our contributions and sacrifice. Sometimes we get that but other times we don't. All closures follow endings but endings do not always come with closure - we sometimes have to give ourselves permission to be complete and finished with someone or something because it is not going to come from them. Our need for closure reflects our need for validation and recognition for our efforts. Has someone been too quick to let us go? Did something end before we were ready for it to leave? Were we acknowledged and appreciated for what we did?

If we have been undecided about a situation or person, an eclipse will bless us with a quick ending that leaves no room for doubt that this is over. But if we want closure with the ending, we have to decide what it involves, what it means to us, how we want to remember the situation or person, what we learned and how that helps us move on to the next phase of our life. And then we give ourselves the gift of closure, close the door and move on. And if we have been sabotaging our life by making powerless choices, giving our power away, staying in a situation longer than necessary or not serving our needs, we will come face to face with it at this time. Whatever is ending, finished or has run out of road for you at this time, let it go, give yourself the closure you want and need and turn towards a more powerful, self-fulfilling future.

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  1. Thank you Morgan and Jennifer, it was so interesting to read about the roots of the word sabotage and think about what my behavior sometimes has in common with those French workers who were just crying out for rest and good treatment. Self-care is a big priority for me, yet I still have room to treat myself better and give myself more rest. Then maybe I'd stop being tempted to sabotage myself! Best wishes, Linda


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