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Friday, June 10, 2011

Working With Shadow

Many people hear the term Shadow and either don't understand or think it is something negative that they just don't want to deal with.

Yes there are things hidden within the Shadow that can be scary, but... and this is a really big but, how scary is your life right now because you don't want to face what is in the Shadow? How often do you feel derailed because something that you have stuffed inside of you has pushed you off center? What in your life would you love to be doing but you keep allowing your inner shadow to keep you from doing it?

Alright, let's take some of the scary out of it.  Sit down and make a list of anything and everything you are avoiding in your life whether you think it is good or bad. Don't worry no one is going to see this list.

Now were you really honest?  Get really honest with yourself and write it all down.

Take a look at the list and allow yourself a few long deep breaths. On a different piece of paper make a list of what you are willing to work on in the near future.

Remember to keep breathing. We tend to hold our breath when we are stressed.

Pick one item on the list that you are willing to look at deeply, and write everything down that you feel about it. I can hear you groaning now. Yes how you feel about it.

Pick a piece of music that embodies that feeling. Choose a piece of music that is a little up beat and the last one should be a lot of fun. 

If possible put all the music on so that it will play one right after another but if you have to physically change it, it is alright.

Put the feeling music on first and allow yourself to move and feel to the music.  Make sure you have tissue near by in case you need it.  When you are finished immediately begin moving to the next song, allowing the feelings to slowly melt away. With the last song, really let loose and allow yourself to rejoice in yourself, in your day, in your life.

Take the first and last piece of paper and burn it safely. The second paper keep for yourself and choose one new item a day or a week and go through the steps above from writing everything about it and then dancing it out.  Yes I know this isn't going to change everything but it will help you shift the energy of it to allow you to do what is needed to clear it from your life.

What do you think of using this simple tool to help you work with shadow?  I would love to hear about your experience, either as a comment below or send me an email.


Morgan Dragonwillow

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