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Friday, June 17, 2011

The In Between

Many find themselves in a state of limbo or in an in between place during this time of changing energies. This can feel like a numbness to being really uncomfortable.

Being in the in between is an opportunity for transition from feeling unworthy to living a successful life doing what you love. Working with it instead of against it can allow for positive transformation.

A few of the reasons for being in the in between:

1. It is necessary for you to look at your life and see what needs to shift, moving you from fear to love.

2. If you aren't living your authentic life in the present, the energies grow increasingly uncomfortable to force change.

3. The shadow planets have moved into position to remind you what needs attention.

All of this is an opportunity for you to grow and learn how to live life filled with passion and joy, authentically living your life purpose. 

What in your life keeps knocking on the door that you keep ignoring?

Currently in Retrograde:

Pluto Apr. 9th – Sept. 16th 

Pluto is all about the underworld and facing your fears. It can feel like you are in the birth canal wondering what you need to do to get out, meanwhile all of your fears keep popping up left and right.
Neptune June 3rd until Nov. 9th  

Neptune is the Identity Project which can feel like an identity crisis, leaving you thinking who the heck am I and what am I doing here.
Uranus June 10th until Dec 10th 

Uranus is all about being stuck and how to get unstuck. This of course can have you in your bed wondering what the point is anyway.
Just because these planets are in retrograde doesn't mean that everyone is going to feel this way.  It just means that if your life isn't on track, when these planets go into retrograde or are squared to your chart, then it is going to gently or not so gently push you to clear past situations that are keeping you from moving forward and being in the present.
We are naturally in an in between time due to changing of vibrations that are happening on this planet that can make it quite uncomfortable. If you have issues popping up, old relationships coming back to haunt you, obsessive thoughts that just won't leave you alone, then it is past time to clear them and gain peace of mind.
Surround yourself with love and light, be gentle to yourself on your journey, forgive yourself and others, and do whatever is necessary to lighten your load that will lead to a passionately joyful and authentic life doing what you love and making a living doing it.


Morgan Dragonwillow 

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