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Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Sacred Body

I realized yesterday that I am not being kind to my body.  It isn't that I just discovered that but yesterday I said to myself, if you aren't honoring your body as the sacred vessel that it is then you are sabotaging the most important tool that you have.

Wow... my body is sacred and I am treating it like crap.  I haven't been eating well and I haven't been moving it as it was meant to move.  I have actually gained about 20 pounds over the last six months.  It isn't about wanting to be on a diet or a special exercise regimine just treating it as the sacred body that it is. 

Our bodies are not something that most of us were brought up as thinking it was something sacred.  I was brought up as a baptist and pretty much everything to do with the body was a sin.  I have been reading The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan that has me thinking about all of this. 

Dianne Sylvan says, "I call for women to stand up and reaffirm their Goddess-given beauty no matter how short, fat, old, or imperfect we think we are. Each of us is touched and blessed by the Divine, no matter what we look like. Our task is to remember this and to live it.  For most of us, it is the hardest and most rewarding magic we will ever do."

I understand what she is saying and I am really enjoying her book.  What I am talking about is how I am emotionally sabotaging my body because I am uncomfortable with the energies that are happening right now.  I choose to look at that and see my body as she says but while I am doing that actually treating it like the Goddess that resides within me.

I am thinking that if I do that I will naturally become healthier.  Everything that I put on it or in it I am going to ask myself, is this good for my sacred body?  Is this something that is going to nourish my sacred body?  Is this something that will enhance my sacred body? Is this something that my sacred body deserves?

If you start looking at your body as the sacred vessel that it is, what glowing, healthy changes might happen for you?

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