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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creating a Change - Weightloss Wednesday

One simple change can make all the difference in how you feel. Even though this is Weightloss Wednesday, this is about making changes. When you make one simple change in your life it often can create a positive change in how you feel; which can lead to better health. That is what this is all about; feeling good and creating better health through positive changes.

Creating art is something I do for myself to create a change in my mood. When I am in a not so good place, and I am not turning to music and dance, I turn to creating. 

I imagine there are some people out there that are happy exactly as they are but most people I know want to make a change for the better and for a lot of them it is their weight. Hmmm… we do attract into our lives people to mirror us whether we realize it or not. Seeing  that a lot of the people in my life wish to make a physical change says something about me. Can you look around and see the people in your life?  What changes do they want to make. Can you see the similarities for yourself?

Back to creating a change through creativity-Often I feel discontent because I am not doing the work that I love or better put I’m not creating in some form or another. If God made us in his likeness, wouldn’t it be also that he/she made us creators as well. Sure we aren’t creating new worlds but we are creating our lives.  We can create art whether it is with words, painting, sculpting or some other medium. My daughter just created a child and that is the highest order of creation.

If you can allow yourself to explore creativity and not look at it as something that has to be perfect; in fact if you can move into ‘being’ during your creation instead of focusing on the outcome, you may discover the very act of creating can take you to a place filled with love and compassion for yourself. Isn’t that what you want ultimately to love and have compassion for yourself? Wouldn’t you make wiser choices if you loved yourself?  You can change the way you feel. It is something that you have control over even if right in this moment you don’t realize it. You can change the way you feel whether using art, music or dance; you have control over what you are feeling and you can transform it.

Do yourself a favor, get out a pen or pens and paper, let your eyelids droop just a little, take a nice long deep breath and put your pen to paper. Now without lifting it up start drawing lines, circles, and any shapes that come to mind.

Keep doodling until your paper is full or you feel complete.

Remember to take nice long slow deep breaths and not let your pen stop until your paper is full.

When you are done ask yourself how you are feeling. Do you notice feeling calmer, a stillness within? (If you only feel anxiety check out this article) Turn the paper over and write down any observations that you made during your doodling. Ask yourself questions such as; how do I feel right now in this moment. Did you gain any insights during this exercise? 

You can use this technique to journal with or to shift your mood. You can use it to get in touch with your inner self to help you feel more connected. Your loneliness doesn’t stem from not feeling connected to others; your loneliness stems from not feeling connected to Source/God/the Universe/Your Higher Power. And when you or I feel that disconnection we reach for something to fill it, and for some of us it is food.

Change how you feel and I guarantee you will begin to make wiser choices for yourself.  I believe I will reach for my pen now, to begin doodling in my journal once again.

Happy doodling!

Leave a comment and your link with your weightloss journey adventures.

Morgan Dragonwillow


  1. You make an excelent point about attracting people to us that mirror our own selves. Thank you for that insight!

    1. When I first learned about people in our lives being mirrors, I wasn't exactly happy about it. I wanted to say, "But... They, They, they did this that or the other or they were completely driving me crazy." Now I am able to look around and see different patterns and say, "Ahhhh okay, I get it." Yes some of them still drive me crazy but at least I know why. :D

      I am so glad that this was helpful to you on your journey. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to attending #commenthour this Wednesday. I completely blanked on it last week.


    2. Your post inspired me to write my upcoming post on girlfriendology.com. I give you a shout out in it too. I'm not sure when it will go up, somtime in March. I will let you know when. :-)

    3. That's Awesome, can't wait to read it!


  2. This is a really good post, makes you stop and think and re-evaluate yourself and what really means the most. Take the time to breathe and enjoy the simple things in life and look at those around you and see how they impact your life as well be it positively or negatively and I'm thankful that the people in my life are positive.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this post and helped you to stop and take a look around. May your life be filled with wonder and joy!



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