Friday, March 2, 2012

Fantasy Women Pirates - Flash Fiction Friday

This is a Flash Fiction Friday challenge! If you don't know March is Women's History/Herstory Month and Every Friday during the Month of March I am going to post a writing challenge with that theme in mind. The winner of this writing challenge will receive a new copy of Arrow's of the Queen; one of my favorite books by a fabulous woman writer, Mercedes Lackey.

Here is the writing challenge:

Write your flash fiction story, from 200 - 300 words, in the comment section using all the prompts, and I do mean all. You have until Midnight EST tonight, Friday, to get it posted. The winner will be announced in my Sunday post and I will need an email or Twitter handle to be able to contact you for your snail mail address to mail your book.

The Prompts:

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Woman Pirate from the 1600s

Prompt 3

"You can put your sword away, it isn't any good against a ghost."

Let the Writing Begin!

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