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Monday, September 17, 2012

Release and Let Go - Get Moving Monday

They say ranting and raving doesn't do anybody any good. I say it releases steam that has been building up. I just believe in doing it in a way that doesn't hurt anyone; do it in a way that you can release and let go of it. This is my rant about body issues and getting up off the couch to move your body.

I believe... I believe it is time to take back your body. It is time to say no more to anyone telling you how and what is good for your body. It is past time for you to move into an age of saying no more telling you, you are fat, no more telling you how your body should look. No more ads about diet pills, liposuction and weight control. No more telling us we should lose weight or gain weight. No more looking down your nose at someone because they don't fit the mold of what you think they should be. No more holding up bulimic models and saying we should look like them. No more.

I used to think that television was meant for entertainment, I don't anymore. I believe it was created to control the masses. Think about it. They put advertisements on the television and next thing you know you are at the store buying their product. Some of us became wise to commercials and they put how they wanted us to think and what they wanted us to buy right into the programming. Programming. 

It is past time to wake up. It is past time to move your body while you still can. It is past time to demand nutritious food that nourishes your body not poison it.

I dance for me. I move my body for me. I love the way my body feels when I have danced for fifteen to thirty minutes and how alive I feel. I dance for my life. I dance to shake things up. I dance to change the way I feel. I dance to celebrate. I dance to meditate. I dance to motivate and gain inspiration for my art and writing. I dance because I can.

Dance because you can. Dance because you love it. Dance because no one can tell you, you can't. Move your body because it was meant to move. Sitting in front of the television or computer for hours on end is turning you into a mushroom; soft, spongy and numb to everything around you. Or worse, making you hate what the television tells you to hate.  
Do you have a rant? Do you have a rant about body issues that you would like to rant about and then let it go? Share with me. Let it all out. Let us not hold on to this any more. 

Leave your link to your blog with your rant or just rant in the comments below. Then turn on some pumping music and dance it out of your body. Because you can.

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  1. Rant and rave if you like. Sometimes it feels good to get it out.


  2. I really have to "take back my body", like you said! And I love dancing! I guess it shouldn't be too difficult!

    1. Yes, take back your body! It is yours to love, cherish and choose what is best for you.

      Lovely seeing you, hope you drop by again soon!


  3. I think I need to schedule a little rant, rave & dance time! Good idea. I haven't been practicing any musical instruments lately, and I think that has always been a good nonverbal outlet for me. Your blogs are always reminding me of so many important things! :)


    1. Thanks Tui! What is funny, or not, this post was originally quite tame until I said, Wait! I really need to speak my mind and let it loose. I felt much better after that. :D

      What musical instruments do you play? I play a little piano, hand drums, and native flute. I love my flute!

      I am glad you find this site so helpful. That is the aim of this site, to bring awareness to individuals, to open the mind to possibilities and not shy away from the shadows because they are important too.



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