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Thursday, September 6, 2012

St. Augustine Ghost Adventures

Our four wheel drive jeep that can handle the powder white sand.

Christie and I love to travel especially to the beach. St. Augustine Florida is a favorite destination for getting away, whether relaxing on the beach (that is our favorite pastime) or if we want to fill our days and nights with fun (and ghost) adventures. 

St. Augustine Lighthouse
One of our requirements of where we go is whether we can drive onto the beach. No long distance walking, carrying all of my gazillion bags, chairs, cooler, blankets, beach umbrella and more. Christie's Jeep is the perfect vehicle for such sandy adventures.

Though our primary reason we choose St. Augustine is the beach there is a lot more to do than you can possibly manage in one trip.  St. Augustine has a rich history that you can almost feel vibrating in the air. Just a few of those fun adventures; Ghost tours,  St. Augustine Wild Reserve, Basilica Cathedral, Anastasia State Park (camping), Fort Matanzas, Mission of Nombre de Dios, Old St. Augustine Village, St. Augustine Animal Farm, St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, San Sebastian Winery, Historic Tours of America: A Night at the Old Jail, and of course the Castillo de San Marcos to name some of what you will find in this magical place.

Looking down the staircase inside the St. Augustine  Lighthouse
During our last trip Christie and I decided to walk up the 219 steps of the  St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. It wasn't quite as intense as we thought it would be though we still had to stop on the landings now and again. If you are a fan of the show Ghosthunters you might remember that this was featured in one of their shows and actually had ghostly encounters. Even though it was daytime Christie still had a physical  encounter of something pulling her sweatshirt when no one was behind her. She would love to come back and take one of their night tours to see if we could have another ghostly experience.

We were able to walk all the way to the top but were unable to go outside because the winds were at unsafe speeds that day. It seems that a gust of wind could throw you clear off the side. They have an attendant to monitor and make sure that doesn't happen.

Bead Shop on the Promenade 

Of the many wonderful things to occupy your time, walking along the promenade in the early to late evening is a favorite of visitors. There is much to see with the street musicians, ghost tour guides leading groups, tourist shops, and all of the fabulous restaurants. 

Speaking of ghost tours Christie and I didn't take a tour this time though we have in the past. This time we chose to wander the local haunts and see what we could find with our camera for ourselves. 

Gift Shop on the Promenade
As the sun began to set we were hopeful but not sure if we would be lucky enough to capture anything that would show up in a picture. As you can see we had been using our camera all day and it was working just fine.
Lights coming on at the Promenade.
I took several photos of this shop sign and every single one of them looked odd. Almost like double exposure only this is a digital camera.

The Monk's Vineyard

Then as it became darker we took many pictures of cemeteries but no little ghosties were showing up on the camera, until we came to this fabulous tree. I was taking pictures of it trying to capture the beautiful knot on its trunk and wasn't getting the beauty of it that I was hoping for but I did end up with a surprise instead. 

Every picture that I took from this angle gave me the same results. None of these pictures have been doctored in any way. My camera seemed to be working fine and besides these few pictures I never saw it do this same kind of thing again. So you tell me, what do you think it is?

I hope I gave you a peek into this fabulously magical city that can make any vacation a truly adventurous one. I can tell you there is nowhere else like it in the southeast possibly even the U.S. Happy Travels!

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