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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Creative - Fun Writing Activity

If you are having trouble writing, this is a creative writing activity that will surely get your creative juices flowing. This will have you coming up with creative writing ideas faster than you can write them. Have fun being creative and writing to your heart's content.

Do you remember playing dress up when you were little? I remember loving putting on all of those grown-up clothes and pretending I was a princess from a far away land.  I would pretend I was a doctor that saved the world from some horrible disease, or an adventurer exploring imaginary caves and forests. It is time to play dress up and explore the imaginary world of creative possibilities for your writing.
What you will need:

·         Time – from two hours to a whole day. Longer is better but don’t avoid doing this creative activity because you think you don’t have enough time.

·         Fun, adventurous, playful, and/or pretty clothes. Let your imagination run wild. (If you don’t have anything around the house, go to a second hand/thrift store and buy only items that you would never wear in real life or clothes you wish you were brave enough to wear. Make sure you have at least several outfits

·         Music – choose all different kinds of music including some of your favorites. Make sure you have at least eight hours worth and slow as well as fast. Don’t worry you won’t be dancing the whole eight hours but it is better to have too much music than not enough. Be creative with your choices and remember to choose at least one empowering song. Try not to spend too much time choosing music. Don’t let this be an excuse for not doing this activity, if you have to just turn on your favorite radio or internet station and use that.

·         Writing materials – Can be anything from your computer to crayons and anything in between. You may want to have different mediums on hand such as pens, pencils and markers with blank and lined paper.

·         Prepared and easy foods to snack during breaks. Make them delicious and comfort food. When I did something like this, I had cheese, good bread, apples, soup, juice, water, and tea. Of course I had dark chocolate; it is my favorite indulgence.

You have gathered all of your fun tools and are ready to begin. Put on some fun music, dress up in your fun clothes and dance around to at least one song if not three. Don’t overdo it; if you feel winded or pain stop. While you are dancing, allow your troubles and worries to fly away, shake them out of your body. Think about what you want to accomplish with your writing; continue a project you have already started or starting a new one, writing for yourself, your blog, an article, a short story or that great American novel you have been aching to finish.
Be as playful as you can; allowing the little girl in you to come out and play.
Now put on music that you can write to and sit, or stand as I am doing now with my laptop on the kitchen island, and write a list of post/article titles, chapter titles, or any creative writing list you want to write about. As you are writing, when a song comes on that you want to move to, go dance around and be silly, or if you are standing, bebop around while you are writing.
If you feel stuck or have anxiety pop up stop writing and go dance. Crank the music and let it vibrate through your body. At any time while you are dancing connect to your higher self; ask for clear communication to flow through to your writing. Feel the love of God/the Universe/Divine Spirit/Your Higher Self, then get back to writing. Try not to stop writing, except to dance, for at least two hours if not four and then take a break.  
Remember you can change into another of your fun dress up clothes at any time during the day.
Set up an eating area that would make the little girl in you happy; a blanket in the middle of the living room floor or out on the deck, in the middle of your yard. Maybe you are dressed in a ball gown and want to set your table with your best dishes and light some candles. Let your heart guide you. Say a little prayer of gratitude for this day and this food. Eat slowly, enjoying every bite.
When you are done eating, clean up, put on some slower music to lightly sway to, thinking about where you want your writing to go. Then take one of the titles you created before and begin writing, not letting yourself stop for at least two hours if not four; only stopping to dance, dress up, bathroom breaks, snacks, and then right back to writing.
If you can’t come up with many or any titles and would like some help, I have a list of creative ideas to get you started.
Remember to dance when stuck or when a song comes on that you want to move to then right back to writing. Experiment with writing to sad music, fast music, slow music, happy music, inspiring music; be as creative with it as you want.
Make My Day And Leave a Comment because comments thrill me more than dark chocolate.
Morgan Dragonwillow

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  1. I never thought about having a day like this. When I was younger I used to change my clothes at least three times a day. I guess teenage girls are like that, but there isn't any reason to stop when we grow up.

  2. Hi Susan, No reason at all we should stop playing dress up and dance around the living room bringing more pleasure into our lives. I hope you bring more activities like this into your days. I plan on playing much more often this year!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh, my! This could be an awesomely fun day for us, here, especially if the kids picked the music, and if I let Daredevil Diva dress me.....We could all chime in as we liked......when we liked, and that would be perfect for a snowy day inside....

    For me, by myself, I could do a mini version when home alone. By the hour or half-hour maybe. Paul Simon soundtrack, all jumbled up. Yes on dark chocolate, frozen grapes, veggies, and quick nibbles. Oh, and sweet coffee - gotta have that. =)

    Maybe I'll skip the dressing up and just go nude..... =)

    I am so glad I "met" you today!

  4. Hi Shan, LOL! That sounds like a blast, doing this with your kids. I hadn't thought of that although I do dance with my granddaughter but with the intent toward writing I prefer solitude when I can get it.

    Happy you could stop by and I look forward to our many writing adventures!



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