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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mars Retrograde – How to Transform Your Anger

Are you feeling angry? Do you want to do something about it? This is a most auspicious time to deal with your anger issues. Mars in Retrograde is going to be pushing your buttons for the next few months.

There are several things that can trigger my anger.
·         Things not being where I think they should be especially in the kitchen.
·         Feeling like my time is being wasted.
·         Fairness is a pretty big trigger for me; don’t get me started on politics.
·         When I get frustrated with myself or someone else is also triggering for me.
What triggers your anger? Make sure you look at all of the different triggers that push your buttons.
What do I do about my anger?
If I get too angry I have to separate myself from the situation. I have even been known to send myself to my room on occasion.  I breathe a lot; long slow deep breaths. Once I calm down enough I start asking myself questions.
1.       What triggered the anger/Why am I so angry?
2.       Who am I really angry at?
3.       What am I really angry about?
4.       What is going on in my life right now or in the past that is similar to this situation?
5.       Is this something important or can I simply let it go?
It is important that you look at your anger from every angle to understand it and be able to let it go.
Mars in Virgo is pushing you and me to ask even deeper questions.
What sacred work are you not doing? Do you have an outlet for your inner Priestess/Priest? Do you need to spend more time dancing with your inner masculine? Is your inner masculine angry? Are your inner masculine and inner feminine balanced? Are they working together in harmony to help you achieve your dreams? What do you need to do differently? What can you change within yourself to not get this angry next time?
Knowing the astrological sign of your Mars can allow you to go deeper still. My Mars in Gemini is asking me…
How can I incorporate more play into my life? What activities can I do on my own reinforcing my independence? What do I need to do to allow the little girl in me time to play? How can I make my writing more playful?
After asking myself all of these questions and exploring the answers, I check in with myself to make sure I have let go of the anger and that I am not holding onto it. If I need to do a clearing I either use InnerSpeak or one of my other clearing techniques. If I allowed my anger to spill over onto someone else I make amends.  I may possibly even thank the person or situation for helping me see this piece of myself that I needed to clear.  My favorite choice for a closing is to dance into and out of it.
Being able to not take yourself so seriously and finding more ways to laugh can really help you get through this shadow time period.
Morgan Dragonwillow

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