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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mars Retrograde - Anger Issues

Anger can be a persistent little bugger when life isn’t going the way you want or think it should.  Mars Retrograde is a great prodding stick that is trying to tell you that you are off track.  It pokes you, you get angry, and then you have a choice to either blame others or figure out what’s going on.  Are you going to let your anger issues rule you or are you ready to do what is necessary to put your life on course and live your dreams as you were meant to?

This message is as much for me as it is for you. Mars has been poking me for awhile now and mostly I have just been breathing fire. Not a good choice. Don’t get me wrong, anger has its place but we need to remember what it is for; to figure out what the problem is, solve it, and take action.

Mars will officially be in Retrograde on January 24th, 2012 through April 14th,, 2012. But you can feel the effects before and after this time period. So hold onto your hat for an interesting ride.

So what does this mean for you?
Remember – Retrogrades are shadow periods; opportunities for you to become aware of issues that may be bothering you, clear what needs to be cleared and integrate. The opportunity of working with Mars Retrograde only happens every two years and two months. So if you don’t clear up those anger issues now you could have an ulcer by the time the next one comes around. I know I am going to be diligently working this one.
Mars represents the masculine.  We each have both the feminine and the masculine within; the goal is to get them working together. Maybe if we can get our feminine and masculine to work together we may have a chance for men and women to finally understand each other. It’s a thought.
The masculine side of your self is the action taker, the passion that pushes you in the right direction. If you are not friends with your masculine side you may find it difficult to finish projects. I know I've had many projects over the years sitting in the back of my closet just wishing I would figure things out so they could be completed.
During MercuryRetrograde you may have had mishaps in communications and technology if you had issues from the past that needed to be cleared. Mars Retrograde triggers your anger, it lets you know the issues with the masculine side that needs to be looked at and cleared.
So if you are standing in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of you has a million coupons and you just want to get home to cook dinner, try not to breathe fire into her hair because you’re angry you didn’t remember your own coupons. You realize that if you used coupons regularly you would have the extra money to buy that skirt you’ve been wanting.  
Or maybe you’re angry because you’re in the line at all. Maybe you think someone else should be doing the shopping and you’re wasting your time when you would rather be home writing.
Or maybe you’re thinking all about her wasting your time, think again. It is probably about how you feel you are wasting your time watching T.V. instead of doing a project you’ve been dying to do forever but were too afraid to attempt.
Or maybe you feel you are wasting your time in a dead end job when what you really want is to be running your own business.
Anger is going to be the barometer for what’s going on during this shadow period. Make note of when you’re getting angry and why. Ask yourself questions about the incident that brings the focus back to you. Because this isn’t about other people or situations; it is about you.
It is very helpful if you have an astrological chart to reference; it will help you go deeper with this process if you know your Mars sign. There will be further discussion in another post about how this helps.
Mars is in Virgo during this shadow period and Virgo in Shamanic Astrology is the Priest/Priestess or your Sacred Work. Your anger may be triggered when you are frustrated with how you are spending your time. What is your Sacred Work? Are you in some way doing work that is sacred to you.
Words to work with when you are diving into what your masculine means to you and how your masculine side can help you achieve your goals:
Reexamine your life and what is really important to you.
Rediscover how your masculine can help you take action on your ideas.
Rethink what the masculine means to you.
Remember to be kind on your journey; to yourself and others.
Recharge your battery and take time to rest.
Review what sacred work means to you and what your purpose in life is.
Reawaken your passion for life and how your masculine and feminine can work together.
Now is not the time to take action on the questions or the answers you find within them. It is a time to reflect and give yourself the time to know more about yourself. Later, after Mars has gone direct, take action on your discoveries.
Something to keep in mind – If you know you get angry easily because you haven’t eaten properly or on time, this would definitely be a good time to make sure you eat. Otherwise you may find your anger getting the better of you and biting someone’s head off. If there are any other regular triggers for you such as being late or you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, then you may want to take actions to remedy these situations before they happen. It would be a good time to reorganize your home so that your life flows a little more easily.
Watch for Mars Retrograde posts over the next couple of months that will help you maneuver this shadow period.
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