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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Books Thursday

I love books; all different kinds of books. Being a woman I tend to like books about women or books for women. My most favorite categories are women’s self help, alternative healing, sci-fi fantasy and adventurous romantic comedies. Well they aren’t labeled as comedies but there are certain authors that just seem to have a lot of funny moments in their books. Like Julie Garwood in her later books, such as Mercy; one of my favorites.

There are times that I want to retreat from the world and my favorite past time for that is reading a wonderfully delicious book that so captures my attention that I can't hear or see anything else. Sometimes I am looking for something to help me lift my mood and other times just looking for entertainment. Then there are the times I want to know about something, really know it, I turn to books. When I wanted to plant a garden I went to the library and came home with about a dozen books. Another time I went to the library, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, spent hours there and came home with over twenty books.

I love the way books smell, how they feel in my hands, and how I can use them to discover a message the universe has for me by randomly opening up the book to a page and reading. 

When it comes to self help I have to say my number one favorite is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. One of the best books I have ever read and still read. I love how inspirational it is and no matter what kind of mood I am in, it lifts me up.
She begins in the month of January leading you through her daily ruminations. She explains her journey in a way that appeals to the woman looking to not only lighten her load, but to empower herself to live authentically.

One night, about fifteen years ago, while I was perusing the book store, this book was just sitting there face out on the best seller shelf. I mostly read novels up to this point. Not much in the way of self-help only a few books on healing and alternative spirituality. This big pink book was sitting there staring at me. I picked it up and opened to a world of gratitude journals, three by five cards with empowering words scattered all over my apartment then my house, the beginning of many illustrated discovery journals, many hours of organizing, and gardening, 

This book stayed with me through several breakups, a journey across the U.S. with my dog, and many traumatic and dramatic events in my life. It has been a constant companion.

A few years ago I decided to help a single mom have a good Christmas for her daughters; I was missing mine. Just before I dropped off the gifts for her daughter’s I wondered what I could give this mom that is having a hard time. I immediately thought of Simple Abundance. I didn’t have time to get it for her so I gave her mine. I wrote an inscription telling her how much this book has meant to me and that I hoped she would discover wonderful inspiration within the pages.

It actually took me awhile to replace it. I started feeling the vacant spot on my shelves from not having it there. I would go to find it then remember I didn't have it anymore. I finally went to the used bookstore and there were several copies on the shelf. I decided to buy two. That way I would always have an extra one to give away in case the opportunity presented itself.

I don’t usually read Simple Abundance every day; I only open it on occasion when I am feeling the need for a pick me up or inspiration.  It always does me wonders. At the beginning of this month I decided to get it out again and began reading from the front of the book. I decided it was time to go through the pages once more. I am reading it daily now and I am enjoying it once again.

What book are you currently reading and is it one that you love to share or something new?
Leave a comment of your favorite book and a link to your blog if you love books as much as I do.



  1. I haven't read Simple Abundance, but will keep an eye out for it on my next bookstore jaunt. I love, love, love books, but have had to let go of many since I've moved so often.

    You might not guess that, though, since I still have books all over the place! I have some books that I love to read again and again. Some are nice to just crack open and peek at a word or two. Others I read over in their entirety. Some authors just have such an interesting voice that I don't even care what they are talking about, I simply like the way they say it!


  2. I love, love, love books too! I also have probably gotten rid of more than I own but I still have more books than I have shelves. I once had a girlfriend that was, let's just say very tidy, and when she discovered my bags of books that I was going to be giving away she just dumped them out of the bags and into the box. When I saw the books all willy nilly in the box I screamed. It was like seeing perfectly good flowers mowed over because someone decided they didn't want them anymore. Needless to say she was more respectful to my books after that even if I was giving them to a new owner.

    Actually a good portion of the books I have are either reference (which I have a lot of) or my absolute favorites that I do read periodically because it is like visiting old friends. Nicole @riverand is posting my guest post about my favorite books this Monday and you can read more about my love for books.

    May you have many joyous journeys exploring books!



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