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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing Fears - When Writers Stop Writing

I have a posting that I have been working on for days. Or rather not working on for days. It is amazing when a writer wants to write about something but allows fears to stop them. I have popped on and off of Twitter, Facebook, did so called research, made connections but still have avoided the white page. This is actually a posting that I really want to do.

A couple of times I have asked myself if it is because I am not feeling confident in the topic. I often feel like I have to know something really well before I write about it. I am beginning to think it is actually that this topic is one that I need to work with/on. I imagine my subconscious is stearing me away because it knows that I will have to do the work myself and not just share the knowledge.

Do you ever feel like that when you want to write about something but keep avoiding it?

When writers stop writing it often is attached to some form of fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not having anything to say. Fear that no one will want to read it. The key is pushing past the fear. Telling yourself that it doesn't have to be perfect; you just have to write it because if you don't you will be miserable.

I will write the posting because it means so much to me. Maybe tonight I will focus on the questions and discover what needs to be healed within myself first and in the process have a better understanding of the subject I will be writing about.

What do you have a hard time writing about?

Morgan Dragonwillow 

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  1. I have a post that I have been avoiding actually. The reason is because I don't have an adequate argument yet to refute a statement that was made in a blog. I may talk about it some day, but there are other projects I want to work with. I just want to do justice to the idea.

  2. Hi Susan thanks for stopping by. I hope you get to the point that you are ready to dig in and write what wants to come through your heart. I have been working on the post that I talked about. It is coming together. Sometimes I think we just have to push past the fear and listen. For me the words just flow after that.

    I look forward to hopping over and reading your posts.



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