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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writing Goals and Loving the Process - Row80 Wk 2

I stood typing wondering where my words would lead me today; what trouble my character would get into, where my words would take me in my blog posts and the memory comes that today is Sunday. Ah yes, it is Check in Sunday for Row80. How have I done since Wednesday and where do I want my writing to go from here?

What I have learned about myself since creating last Wednesday’s goals has been illuminating to say the least. I have discovered over the last few days that I need to organize my time a little more wisely. Often when I am not writing I am online chatting in Twitter or Facebook and my time seems to waste away. It is crazy how much time can be eaten up but hanging out. I want to keep better track of my time. Only allow myself so much time to chat on Twitter and Facebook, spend some time cleaning, and spend time with my granddaughters and helping my daughter where I can.

I easily become obsessed with whatever I am focused on and I have definitely been totally focused on writing this week. But... being focused on writing is one thing, adding up words to just be adding words is another. I want to focus more on building my characters, where my plot is going, who really is my antagonist? I am going to keep track of my time this week and see how I can better use time to my advantage; get the things done that I want and need to get done as well as write all that I want to write.

Oh, Oh, Oh, I almost forgot. I did achieve one of my goals from Wednesday! I am writing a guest blog post and will be submitting it this week. Yay!!!

Refined Writing Goals

  • My number one goal this week is tracking my time and then organizing it more wisely.
  • My second goal is writing with #wordmongering three times a day 30 mins each
  • My third goal is at least one hour a day making notes and developing the story - While writing I have discovered that I need to get more clear about what I am writing, give it a little more structure, and give myself more time for making notes for what I am writing, or at least doing some free writing for ideas and discovering where the story really wants to go.
  • My fourth goal is once a day doing my Morning Pages on 750words.com (which I am loving) to purge all the words that are cluttering my head.
  • My fifth goal is continue finding guest bloggers for my blog as well as offering my services as guest blogger.
  • My sixth goal is to continue to put extra effort into writing posts for my Shadow Rhythms blog. I think it is all about timing. I will be continuing to refine my time and the best way to achieve my goals.
I want to thank all of the wonderful writers and new friends I have met this week through #row80, #wordmongering, and #wip500 All of you have enriched my life immeasurably. I treasure your support and loving words of encouragement and inspiration. I am learning what it really means to have a creative supportive group of people on this wonderful writing adventure. Thank you.


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  1. So glad you are here,and enjoying it, and learning!

    I would gleefully switch a guest post with you! You might be right at home at "The Unfettered Life" www.memismommy.blogspot.com

    Let me know if you are interested. =)

    1. I am definitely interested! I would want your guest post to appear on shadowrhythms.org is that alright?

      We can work out the details this week!


  2. Hi, Morgan. Sounds like you've got your focus worked out well. It's amazing to look through all the ROWers posts and see how we try to work with ourselves.

    I think Shan is right about you being perfect on her blog. Also, On the ROW80 FB page, Janet posted for guest bloggers on "inspiration and achieving your dreams", which sounds like it might be a fit for you too.

    1. Thanks Eden! I am loving all of the support from other writers. I appreciate you passing on the info about Janet and I will look into it.



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