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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aries Full Moon with Spring Equinox

We are quickly approaching the Full moon in Aries in combination with Spring Equinox. The key words for Aries are trust, innocence, and courage (from The Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario with Carolyn Brent under Aries).
Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is a time for planting seeds both figuratively and actually; a time of renewal and fertility. Bring these two together and you have a very powerful combination.
Many years ago I started celebrating Spring Equinox/Ostara instead of Easter. Some of the activities we have shared over the years:
  • Family day of sharing
  • Painting rocks with symbols of attributes we wish to bring into our lives
  • Painting eggs
  • Spring baskets (usually something that can be reused for the bathroom or bedroom) filled with toiletries, towels, and washcloths and a little something sweet
  • Picnics when the weather was nice

This year I am encouraging my family to have a sharing day of the seeds they would like to plant with the intent of adding the Full moon in Aries energy of trust, innocence and courage. And what each of us are going to do to take care of ourselves this spring. We will be dancing in all the wonderful energies for the seeds that we will be planting. Dance is my favorite avenue for raising energy or dispelling it. Movement is so incredibly important for your body and your mind and is a powerful way for raising energy.

Then we will gather and play music together. I play hand drums and the native flute, Christie plays Didgeridoo, Elizabeth plays just about anything and Olivia loves the hand drums. Fun Fun Fun!!!

May you have a wonderful Aries full moon and a Delicious Self Renewal Ostara/Spring Equinox!

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