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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dealing with the Clutter in our Lives

About a week or so ago I was scrolling through Facebook posts and came across a link posted by one of my FB friends. Like there could be any other kind. Anyway... this link was for Clutterologist.com. Hmmmmm.... Now that is something I could use. I went to her website to check it out. Hmmmmm.... this is looking good. I contacted her and we set an appointment for this Monday evening for a consult.

I let my family know that I contacted this woman and what she does. They are joyous because they all know we need help. No matter what we do, no matter our good intentions, we can't seem to keep the clutter away. We go through periodically and get rid of a ton of stuff, have garage sales, give giant garbage bagfuls to the animal shelter second hand store, etc. It didn't matter, within a few months we have piles of stuff again, cluttering shelves, closests, bathrooms, kitchen, every available surface is full. That is why when I saw the link I just had to check it out.

Here we are a day away and some of us are freaking out a little and though I said, "You can clean dirt but you can't clean piles." the family is cleaning anyway me included. Who wants a stranger to see the messes we get ourselves into? I took pictures of everything because I had a feeling this was going to happen. I am going to show them to her, the clutterologist, as proof we really do need her help and of course there still are some piles. It is probably quite obvious we need her help but I wanted to make sure she saw the piles that were here just a day before.

There are three women and a toddler living in this house. I am really hoping the specialist can help us make sense of what we are doing and clear the clutter permantly. I can hope can't I.

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