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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Shadow Journey

I have learned to move with my Shadow Rhythms, to energetically feel what it is to be in sync, and understand in the moment what is necessary for the dance. Through this process I feel empowered, extremely creative, forgiving, much self love, and very very grateful. This blog site is dedicated to all those still in the dark, not knowing how to see the light, and that there really is no difference. That once you see how to use the energies of Shadow Rhythms, you will feel stronger, more alive, creative, abundant, juicy, and ready to live your life's authentic purpose.

Are you tired of struggling?

Through my journey it came to my attention that before I entered into this life I contracted to deal with all things shadow. Which created a lot of conflict for me with relationships, coworkers, career, and my spiritual path. I am now working with, instead of fighting against, the Shadow Rhythms that allow me to flow with the energies instead of blocking them. I struggled for many years until I discovered what was missing and how I needed to work with these energies.

Life can be filled with joy.

I challenge you to see for yourself how well this can work for you.
I Guarantee you will be ecstatic with how you feel after deeply working the Shadow Rhythms Process.  Contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

Contact me and let's book your first Shadow Rhythms appointment today!

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