Monday, March 28, 2011

Nonsense Pure Nonsense

Sometimes I just want to write absolute nonsense. Do you ever feel like that? To be able to write whatever you want and it really doesn't matter anyway.

Okay... Yes... I am having trouble sleeping again. I really must get some more Lemon Balm. It helps me to relax so that I can sleep. I don't have this trouble often but lately with all of this creativity busting loose, that I don't even want to try and contain, it is making it difficult to sleep.

La la la la la... la la la la la... la la la la la la la... Oh sorry, went off in song for a moment. Do you know the song "Sing?" Every time I hear it in my head I actually hear the one that I heard as a child with the Spanish verses echoing the English. I must have heard it on Sesame Street. They always were great about showing diversity and still are. I have been seeing a lot of it lately with my granddaughter.

Music and dance, two of my favorite things... oh jeez, there goes another song in my head.

I must head off to bed. I have a lot of writing I am going to be doing tomorrow. I am writing a series of articles on how you can use the energies of Mercury Retrograde to your benefit. It has to do with working with shadow and all the different energies that are easier to handle if you learn how to dance with them. Lots of fun.

Much Love to you.

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