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Monday, March 14, 2011

Empowering Your Creations with Authenticity

Sometimes when I feel creative I feel unsure about what I want to create, how I want to create it and what medium to use. I just know I have this burning desire that starts to show up as boredom or unease and builds until I can't stand not to create.

For me it often comes down to color and tecture. I love vibrant colors such as bold reds, blues, orange, yellow, and usually a dash of black. Texture has become so important to me. It must be soft or smooth. Unless of course it is a drawing, journaling or writing then it is back to being all about color.

When I look at my creations I see how infused they are with my authenticity. I may look at other art for inspiration but it always comes down to what I really like, what I really want to accomplish with my creations and what wants to be created through me. If I try and do something that isn't essentially me, it lacks luster. It certainly doesn't feel authentically me.

Empowering your creations with your essential authenticity and you will be happy with what you create.

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