Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating the Moments

I am so excited! I just found out my first article "How to Create a Video From Your Essay" has been accepted. I am celebrating times two! First that it was accepted, second because it was accepted just the way I submitted it. I was very prepared to fix any problems they said needed to be fixed and it was accepted without needing any further editing. It is amazing how wonderful it feels to have stretched my abilities once more and have something positive happen.

Is there a project that you have been thinking about but because it is something you haven't done before you have been afraid to try it?

It is time to take the steps to make your dreams come true. If I can do it you most certainly can too. No one else can do it for you. What small step can you take? What bigger steps?

I encourage you to take those steps. I encourage you to stretch your abilities. I challenge you to do something new. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be authentic to you. What stirs your blood? What excites you? What creates a time warp for you that you are so engrossed in that hours go by before you realize what time it is? Take a chance. I hope you do.

I am celebrating my moment, this moment right now. There isn't any other feeling like it. My hope is you are celebrating your moments as they happen for you as well.

Much Love to You All.

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