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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creativity and Shadow

I am having trouble sleeping because I have all of this creativity flying around in my head. I have more videos, articles, stories all pushing to come out. Oh and of course keeping this blog up to date.

Seriously sometimes I think I was living so long holding my finger in the dam that now that I have decided to remove it everything is just pouring out.

As long as I can stay on track and not let, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and email distract me I am being quite creatively productive. Unfortunately being on such intimate terms with Shadow, being obsessive flies into my face and says, "Oh come on, you know you want to look, it will only take a moment, just one look, what can it hurt?" Yeah Right!

I will be going to bed soon and the best thing I can do about my obsessive instigator is energy work.

Reiki and Karuna Ki are often my saving grace when my problematic traits begin to peak out. I recently downloaded (not from the Internet--from Spirit/Universe/God/My Muse) a new energy clearing combination that I am quite excited about. It goes directly to where a problem began, breaks it up with love, heals the emotional residue, sends love to complete the healing, then grounds it in completion. I love it and it is quite effective. I already have seen promising results the few times that I have used it so far.

I will share the process in detail very soon.

With much love and peaceful thoughts, I bid you a restful Goodnight.

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