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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Using Energy to Clear Wounds That Trigger You

This process is very quick and easy. Once you have it down it only takes a few minutes and is very effective.

When you have tried everything else and it is still hanging on.

I was helping my partner do clearings for herself over a weeks time and on one of the days this came to me. Even if you use a different energy system with different symbols, I believe this still something you can do. It is the intent behind it. Depending on how rooted the issue is you may need to do this a couple of times a day for about a week or so.

This is what Christie, my partner, had to say about it:

"It is a gentle process and a way to clear old wounds that still have a charge."

If you are attuned to Reiki and/or Karuna Ki but have lost and/or forgotten your symbols, you may contact me and I will share them with you. If you are not attuned to one or both and would like to know more about it you can contact me for more information. I believe ver strongly that using these powerful energy systems can help us a great deal during these stressful times. may you feelt eh oneness and love of the universe.

  1. Activate the Master symbol (DaiKoMyo or Dumo)

  2. Think of the situation you want to clear

  3. Activate the long distance/time traveler symbol (HonShaSeiShoNen) asking it to go to the root (where it began) of the situation

  4. Activate the symbol (Zonar) that breaks things up and you can add a hear/love symbol (Harth) to break it up with love

  5. Activate the emotional healer/healing symbol (SeHeiKi) if you have a power symbol (ChoKuRei) activate it now, focus on healing the emotional aspect of the situation

  6. Activate any symbols for Peace/LoveWholeness/Om (ShantiHarth/Iava/Om) (Iava is actuall a healer and manifester but I was instructed to add this symbol here) to send loving, peaceful energy to the healing of the situation

  7. Activate grounding symbol (Rama) and place on bottom of feet and on the second chakra (lower abdomen) fully grounding the energies and yourself

  8. Say a prayer of gratitude

Now if you are saying, "I really don't have time to do this." like a friend of mine, then print this as well as your symbols and hang it up in your bathroom. You spend time in there every day. You can do this as you brush your teeth, you can laminate it and hang it in your shower to do quickly as you wash up, and well you know lots of people read during the other use of the bathroom. :D

Pleaer share this with anyone and everyone you wish to share it with. All I ask is that you add a link back to this page.

May your journey be filled with love and healing.

Learn more about Reiki and Karuna Ki

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