Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Healing Day

It is no secret that I am no longer Christian and that I celebrate the Pagan Holi-days. I have no animosity toward Christians; I believe that everyone is on the right path for themselves.

I have many fond memories of Christian holidays that I celebrated as a child and still smile over some of them. I am even known to get tears in my eyes when listening to a few of the songs related to them.

There is one holiday that, in the past, has very much bothered me and that I have refused to recognize since my understanding of its true meaning. St. Patrick's Day.

A few years ago I made a choice to stop having ill feelings around this holiday, especially since it was only hurting me, and decided that I would mount a campaign to create a second holiday, for that same day, for those that feel as I do and to bring awareness and much needed healing to this day.

I call March 17, -- World Healing Day and ask for people that choose to honor World Healing Day to wear purple, to spend the day focused on alternative healing, such as Reiki, and sending loving healing energy to yourself, your family, community, city, state, the country, and Mother/Sister Earth.

Much Love to all of you and may you have a blessed day however you choose to spend it.

Added 3/13/2012 No matter what religion you are, something to think about: Why would you celebrate something that most likely was actually casting out wise women healers that were being called witches because they used herbs and natural ways to heal? Or independent women/free thinkers that didn't want to conform to patriarchy?

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