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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blessings of the Heart-Working With Shadow

It is interesting that the more that I do this work, working with shadow, my heart grows.  I find that to be most interesting. 

Who would have guessed? 

Well maybe some but I never would have.  When you think of shadow you think of the dark places where most people don't want to go.

The places within the dark that hold secrets, but a secret held within becomes the mold that grows toxic over time. 

Allowing light into the dark brings healing for all.  Then the dark, moist, inner realms that hold your seeds of creation begin to grow into beautiful flowers.

May you have the courage to bring light into your dark places allowing your inner creations to blossom.


  1. I like your analogy about the secretes bemcoming dark places where mold grows. I feel like writing my blog is my version of shinning light into my dark places. Being revealing about my true feelings and thoughts. Getting them out where they can be relased and freeing.

    Stopping by from #FlashbackFriday

    1. You do a great job of sharing through your blog to release and let go. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed this post.


  2. I like the contrast dialogue between dark and light! It paints a vivid picture! May we all find the courage to bring light into those shadows that haunt us most. :) #FBF on Chasing Joy

    1. Thanks for stopping by. May you have a blessed week.



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