Monday, April 25, 2011

Bursts of Creativity

 It is interesting that even though I had a busy weekend that was full of frustration I still found time to create.  In fact I think I created more art within this past weekend than I normally create in a whole week. 

I love how much I have freed up my internal creator and allowed my Muse to work through me instead of constantly worrying about how it will look and if anyone will like it.
Most of the time I find that I would rather be creating than doing almost anything else.  I really don't have time for television any more.  I do like watching funny movies but otherwise I am finding less and less use for T.V. programs.  A majority of them treat mainstream public like we are a bunch of neanderthals unable to think for ourselves at all. 

I even think that the less I watch the more creative I become.  It is very interesting indeed. 

If you find that you are turning on the T.V. automatically, try not turning it on right away.  See what happens.  If you feel anxiety turn on the radio instead.  Look around your house, what can you do with your freed up time? Is there something that needs tending to?  Is there an old creative project just waiting for your attention?

Maybe you will find that you have bursts of creativity that turn into steady streams.  It feels quite wonderful to be able to express and see the results of allowing your Muse to inspire you.

I would love to hear what inspires you.  Tell me your favorite inspiration that lights you up and gets you into a creative mood.

Morgan Dragonwillow

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