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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pondering Retrogrades and Time

I have been busy working with my other blog and it seems I have been neglecting this one.  I had hopes that my partner would pick up the slack but she doesn't like to write as much as I do. Besides, it is kind of hard for her to get on the computer when I am almost always on it.

What is important to you, my readers?

What is it that you would like to know more of? 

What would you like to understand better? 

You can email me your answers if you prefer or you can leave them in the comment section below but I would really like to know what you would like to read here at Dragonwillow Journeys.  I look forward to seeing your answers.

We are still within the Mercury Retrograde window for the next nine days as well as being in Pluto and Saturn Retrograde.  Most of you probably are doing your best just to get through the day.  Some of you may be wondering why you have suddenly become so introspective and not as chipper.  

Well, Saturn really wants you to take a look at what isn't working. Pluto is the underworld and wants you to look at your fears.  And of course Retrograde is all about the past.  Put this all together and you are thinking about the past alot more than usual, trying to figure out why things are not working the way they used to and why your stomach is making you aware of things that feel a little scary. 

This site is all about transformational journeys.  What transformation are you avoiding? What journey have you been ignoring or putting off because the time hasn't been just right?  There is no time like the present, well actually the present is all there is.  If you are not doing what you love, if you are not where you love, if you are not with whom you love, then I would say now is the best time to look at that and decide what you really want.  It is your life right?  What are you really afraid of, really?  And time marches on.

I am going to sit and ponder my life and ask myself those same questions.  Let us hope that we all come up with some good answers

Much love to you,


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