Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fear-Why Do We Let it Stop Us?

What is the essence of fear?  Do you even know why you are afraid? Does anyone?  To hear what goes on within our mind you would think the banshees were on our tail.  Always feeling the threat of the next thing or the last thing which is it? 
People are afraid of the past, afraid of the future and completely avoiding the present.  What is so awful about the present that we want to numb ourselves out with everything imaginable that we even invent new ways of doing it?

Well isn’t that something… you are being creative even when you are numbing yourself out.
Hmmm, so even when you are not trying to be creative, even when you say you are not creative in any way shape or form, you are creative in the avoidance of being in the moment.  Wow…what a thought.
How would you live this moment differently if you sat right here within it?  What would you do if you said you weren’t going to be in yesterday and you aren’t going to be in tomorrow, that you are going to stay right here, right now, in this moment?
Well… it is this moment.  Leave your comment on how fear is stopping you. What are you willing to do to let go of your fear? I look forward to reading your comments.


Morgan Dragonwillow

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