Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Empowering Roots or Toxic Thoughts

As I tried to go to sleep last night this article began playing out in my head. My first thought was toxic roots. I thought what in the world does that mean? Then I received empowering roots or toxic thoughts. Hmmm... okay, your roots are your foundation. Where your thoughts lead bring you either nourishment or toxins.  Ahhhh, I think I understand where you are going with this. 

Alright, then if your roots are all knarled up with toxic thoughts that don't nourish you then they feed your body with toxic energy.  If, on the other hand, you have worked to clean and clear your pathways/roots/your past then you are fed nourishing energy.  The more clean and clear your past, the healthier you are. That doesn't mean that nothing negative has happened in your past, it just means you have looked at it, cleared it and made peace with it.  That way you are able to stay in the present instead of trailing back into the toxic roots that are poisoning you.  They can't poison you if they have been cleaned and cleared.

Are your roots empowering you with healthy, loving energy or are you being filled with toxins daily?

If they are healthy, wonderful!  If they are not, let's talk.

What do you think? Empowering Roots or Toxic Thoughts?

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