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Monday, April 4, 2011

Eating Issues - Feed Your Soul

This isn’t about just what you put in your mouth to feed your body.  This is what you do to feed your Divine Essence, your soul.  It is my belief that if you understood what types of nourishment feeds your soul/Divine Essence you wouldn’t have eating issues, whatever they may be.  Starving yourself; your soul is starving for nourishing experiences, numbing yourself with toxic foods; your soul is numb from all the toxic experiences.  Can you see how important it is to understanding what your soul needs for you to thrive?
The first step is figuring out what kind of experiences your soul needs to feel nourished.  This is where your sun sign comes into play.  In Shamanic Astrology your sun sign tells you the type of experiences you need to have that will nourish you.  I have delved into Shamanic Astrology because I always want to know everything about how I can go deeper into my own healing and this is a very powerful way to do that.
My Sun sign is in Cancer.  First off I just want to say, whoever figured out that the disease, Cancer, should be named with the same name as the astrological sign, “What were they thinking?” 
The astrological sign of Cancer is all about family, home, cooking, crafts and the like.  So for me, healthy experiences with good boundaries of the above mentioned makes me happy; feeds my soul.  If I do not have healthy experiences with good boundaries of those experiences for long periods then I feel anxious, depressed, and would rather not get out of bed.  I then begin to eat all kinds of foods that are not good for me; high in fat and lots of sugar. 
If you say that you don’t have a healthy family so how can you have a healthy experience, then you need to create healthy experiences with others that will feed your Divine Essence in the same way.  In other words, there have been times in my life that I didn’t have much family around.  I would invite a bunch of friends over, have a potluck and create some scrumptious dish that they would all rave about.  That definitely would feed my soul!   This is really about you creating what you need for yourself.  Not waiting for someone else to create it for you and not putting all the responsibility of your happiness in their lap. Go to ShamanicAstrology.com to learn more about this fabulous way of looking at your life.
The second step would be clearing past experiences that are still triggering for you that have you reaching for those treats that are okay once in awhile but not every day.  If you have not learned a method for clearing past issues it is one of the most important and most empowering things you can do for yourself. 
Whether you use some type of energy work such as Reiki and/or Karuna Ki; or use a wonderful method such as InnerSpeak, you must have some way to clear for yourself.  Sure you could go to a practitioner of these methods but being able to clear for yourself on a daily basis makes all the difference in how you feel and your ability to move forward consciously. 
The key is to discover what nourishes you; create the types of healthy experiences to help you create better eating habits, and clear any past experiences that pop up that create anxiety and depression. 

Morgan Dragonwillow

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  1. I've actually looked up the Cancer/cancer thing before because it bugged me, too! It has to do with an ancient Greek doctor who thought the veins around a tumor looked kinda like crab legs. Unfortunate, though, how the name stuck!

    As I read your article, I am preparing to sit down for dinner with my husband and step-daughter and I am so grateful. I love sitting with loved ones for dinner. When I lived alone, my solo dinners were often hasty and just didn't nourish me on that soulful way that eating with loved ones does!

    Speaking of... it's time for me to go eat! :)


  2. Hi Tui, Thanks for solving that puzzle for me! It makes sense but boy do I wish it hadn't stuck.

    Soooo... it sounds like we are both Cancer's, I would love to compare charts sometime just for the curiosity and fun of it. I have an astrology program if you are ever interested or if you have a chart already... I'll share mine if you share yours. :D

    Glad you stopped by, always love seeing you, so to speak. ;)



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